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Narrowboat Movements in March 1881

The table below shows that most boats recorded in the Stroudwater tonnage books were bringing coal from the Midlands to the Stroud valley, while other cargoes included iron pipes, bricks and salt. Although most are recorded as coming from Worcester, this should be read as coming 'via Worcester' as some trips came 'via Stourport'.

Outward cargoes included timber, staves, iron and hay, while many boats went empty to Gloucester to load imported timber. Occasionally inward and outward movements are recorded as being on the same day, but this is because the clerk at Saul Junction did not record the inward cargo until the boat was leaving on its next trip.

TABLE: D1180-4-35 Tonnage (Mar 1881)

DateYearVesselOwnerMaster FromToTonsCargoSource
2-Mar1881WaveWebb, JWyman, TWorcesterWallbridge30CoalD1180/4/35p291
4-Mar1881AnnPrice, WmLewis, LWorcesterStroud30CoalD1180/4/35p291
4-Mar1881JohnButt, JButt, JWorcesterDudbridge/Bowbridge30Coal 10t/20tD1180/4/35p291
4-Mar1881WilliamWooley, WPearce, RWorcesterStroud30CoalD1180/4/35p291
8-Mar1881AnnPearce, T HGardner, JWorcesterBrimscombe/Butlers Bridge30Coal 10t/20tD1180/4/35p292
11-Mar1881FannyLewis, HLewis, GWorcesterRyeford31Coal 30t/Salt 1tD1180/4/35p298
11-Mar1881FloraSmith, CSmith, CWorcesterEastington/Stonehouse30Coal 15/15tD1180/4/35p298
12-Mar1881CivilitySmart, JWhiting, AWorcesterChalford30CoalD1180/4/35p293
12-Mar1881EmilyWood, JLewis, WWorcesterStroud30CoalD1180/4/35p293
12-Mar1881KateSmart, JWebb, JWorcesterEbley30Iron pipesD1180/4/35p293

Source: D1180/4/35, 36