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D1180-9-04 Letters Summaries

PgeAddresseeAddressDateSummaries of Letters Sent by William James Snape 1872-1876 (D1180/9/4)
1Gainer & Co, Bridgend Dye WorksStonehouse27 Jun 1872Enclosing account to 22 June.
2Gloucester ChronicleGloucester28 Jun 1872Querying increased charge for advertising meetings. Please send copy of paper with advertisement of the last meeting.
3Fallows, HenryHanley4 Jul 1872Stating terms for position as foreman of canal works and inviting an application.
4Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction4 Jul 1872Please get me a tide table. I will pay when I come your way.
4Clarke, William, lock keeper?Eastington4 Jul 1872George Dean an extra labourer does not attend to his work well. Please assist the gang.
5Perry, George, carpenterEastington Yard4 Jul 1872Asking if new gates made for Bristol Road and about other preparations for stoppage
5Perry, George, carpenterEastington Yard4 Jul 1872Asking for a fence to be made before Snape's house
6Daniels, Peter, lock keeperRyeford4 Jul 1872Since Mr Peyton's death, some boats are working two handed. I should like you and other men to report any case to me.
7Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction6 Jul 1872Mix up with tickets (details given). Peyton to tell one of the men to collect rents.
8Ford Brothers, millersRyeford6 Jul 1872Coping stone on Roving Bridge damaged by your wagons. Will you make repairs or shall I and charge you?
8Peyton, Mrs6 Jul 1872Bank will charge for cashing your £5 note. Please let Mr Field know you will need it changed.
9Cam, Oliver, builderSaul6 Jul 1872Requesting Camm to begin Bristol Road Wharf wall before the stoppage begins.
10Fallows, HenryHanley6 Jul 1872Please send your application for Foreman of the Canal to our Chairman.
11Beard, G H A, chairmanLeonard Stanley6 Jul 1872Have had application for foreman from one of my old men now employed on the North Staffs Railway Canal Dept. I could trust him with anything. I need him before the stoppage.
12Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction9 Jul 1872Sending tickets (numbers given).
12Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode9 Jul 1872Requesting collection of rents due at Framilode from Esias Woore & Benjamin Gardner, but not from Harmer or Rowles.
13Clarke, William, lock keeper?Eastington9 Jul 1872Ford Brothers will replace coping on Roving Bridge. Report if not done in a few days.
13English & Sons, buildersStroud9 Jul 1872Please send your men to do the work required here.
14Hazle, G, boat ownerBrimscombe10 Jul 1872Dispute about payment of cargo of coal carried by boat Faith.
14Everitt, A & Sons, Kingston Metal WorksBirmingham10 Jul 1872Please send price of copper strips used for indexing canal boats, as supplied to Mr Alliston of North Staffs Railway Co
15Whitlock, 28 Lancaster StBirmingham10 Jul 1872Please send price for stamps used to stamp plates for indexing canal boats, as supplied to Mr Alliston on NS Railway Co.
16Beard, G H A, chairmanLeonard Stanley15 Jul 1872Mrs Peyton ready to leave the house. Peyton at the Junction or someone at Eastington should attend to the tickets.
16Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode15 Jul 1872Tell Rowles & Harmer they are to pay rent before Friday. Please give me the opening of the fire place in Dangerfield's house.
17Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard15 Jul 1872Please come to committee meeting on Thursday 1 August at 12 o'clock.
18Beard, G H ALeonard Stanley17 Jul 1872Sorry I missed you; will call on you on Saturday morning next. I have only six copies until I am sanctioned by Committee to print and post up tonnage table.
19Rowles, S, barge ownerFrampton18 Jul 1872I hope you will find enclosed account correct as Mr Partridge has left this Company.
20Perry, George, carpenterEastington Yard19 Jul 1872The paddle was stolen or thrown under the culvert at Dudbridge last night. Please get another made. If size not known by come come and see me by train.
21Apperley & Co, iron foundersDudbridge22 Jul 1872Please supply one paddle, 12 cups and 12 racks, same as patterns.
22Clarke, William, lock keeper?Eastington22 Jul 1872Enclosed order for paddle oil. Please come and get a padlock for Thomas Lewis.
22Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction22 Jul 1872Mr Field's ticket no. 580. re circumstances of non-payment of ticket. A note in pencil PAID written over letter.
23Hooper, C H, woollen cloth manufacturerEastington22 Jul 1872Please supply rape oil and charge to account.
24Cam, Oliver, builderSaul23 Jul 1872How many masons, bricklayers, etc. can you let me have for the stoppage week. Don't forget stone for Bristol Road Lock.
25Post Office (Moody)Cainscross25 Jul 1872Are you prepared to pay for the water you use at Ebley starting from 24 June 1872. Pencil note: at side of letter re arrangement.
26Webb, James, coal dealerChalford26 Jul 1872Under-payments charged on boats Industry and The Sisters. As my books already made up, please send the additional money.
27Field, Amos, barge ownerSaul26 Jul 1872Please pay now for non-payment by your boat Flora, loaded with road stone. Please pay your tonnage account to Mr Peyton at The Junction.
27Stonehouse, G AWimbledon26 Jul 1872Please pay for damage which you and Mr C B Lewis did to a paddle at the Double Locks.
28Clarke, William, lock keeper?Eastington1 Aug 1872From today take charge of the Lodgmore Feeder and paddles. Also directions as to work by Daniels and his men. Also directions as to where to get price for the feeder paddles, beam and uprights. P.S.
29Cam, Oliver, builderSaul1 Aug 1872Men required for painting houses at Framilode, Eastington, Dudbridge, and the one occupied by me. Let me have bricks in time for the stoppage.
29Jefferies, Samuel, brick manufacturerDudbridge1 Aug 1872Please remove sand on Dudbridge Wharf or I shall charge Wharfage.
30Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction1 Aug 1872I've received your tickets, please send me the cash. Small rowing boats to be charged 5s or no less than 4s from today. Let me have number of the Mars? cleared out on 26 July.
31Reynolds & Allen, millers1 Aug 1872Please settle your account.
31Butt & Skurray, millersCainscross2 Aug 1872Please settle your account.
32Lane, William, millersEbley2 Aug 1872Please settle your account.
32Stratford Flour Mill CoStroud2 Aug 1872Please settle your account.
33Clarke, William, lock keeper?Eastington2 Aug 1872Serve enclosed notice on Sittington on Saturday morning and read it to him. Then come up for the wages.
33Knight, F, coal merchantChalford2 Aug 1872Please settle your account.
34Ford Brothers, millersRyeford2 Aug 1872Please settle your account. P.S. The bridge near Eastington not yet repaired.
34HodderEtruria2 Aug 1872What is charge for bricks from Etruria to Stonehouse on Midland or Great Western. I shall get them from Mr Williams if that is cheaper.
35Fellows & Co, carriers by waterGloucester2 Aug 1872Please settle your account
36Daniels, Peter, lock keeperRyeford3 Aug 1872Re Mr Strachan's fields: get soil from Stonehouse to do up the banks damaged by water.
36GazardStroud3 Aug 1872As you pay nothing for your notice board on our wharf wall, the Committee ask that either you pay or your remove the board.
37Hodder, WEtruria6 Aug 1872Instructions on what to do re bricks ordered from Mr Williams to be delivered to you.
37Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction6 Aug 1872In future charge 5s for row boat of any kind. Ticket altered as requested.
38Cam, Oliver, builderSaul6 Aug 1872Please let me have a bricklayer to repair the coping etc at the Feeder at Lodgmore; and a man and his labourer to paint my house, and houses at Dudbridge, Eastington and Framilode.
39WilliamsEtruria6 Aug 1872Order for blue bricks and blue and red quarries to be sent by Great Western to Stonehouse Station.
40Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction16 Aug 1872There is a ticket missing for a load of coal taken by Sarah to Brimscombe or somewhere. Do you have any information. In future charge all pleasure boats at 10s each way. P.S. Mr Coley has promised m
41Hadley, S W, timber merchantCambridge16 Aug 1872Cheque enclosed; please send bill receipted.
42Cam, Oliver, builderSaul23 Aug 1872How many men are you sending on Monday next for the stoppage. Last evening I sent over for a man to dress quoin stone at Bristol Road.
42Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction23 Aug 1872Three tickets enclosed. Let me have ticket no. 705 by return to work out whether there are two tickets with the same number or two cargoes on one ticket.
43Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard23 Aug 1872Bring receipt from Mr Hooper for rent of house at Eastington occupied by Clarke. Get a mason for the quoin stone at Bristol Road Lock.
43Webb, Mrs EEastcombe23 Aug 1872Re your boat Jane in charge of William Couldry: If I do not hear from him with an explanation, my Committee has instructed me to take out summons against him for navigating the canal without a ticket
44Ford Brothers, millersRyeford23 Aug 1872Please repair Roving Bridge damaged by your wagon. Shall I have some bricklayers do the work and charge you?
45Ford Brothers, millersRyeford24 Aug 1872Your boats now clear out of our office at The Junction; for the future instruct your Captains to clear out of this office.
45Lane, WilliamEbley24 Aug 1872Your boats now clear out at The Junction; for the future instruct them to clear out of this office.
46Jefferies, Samuel, brick manufacturerDudbridge24 Aug 1872Please reply to my letter of 1 Aug.
46Lovell, J, vessel ownerBristol24 Aug 1872You have sent road stone to Ryeford. Instruct your captains to clear out at the above office for all cargoes this side of Stonehouse Wharf.
47Drew, builderChalford?24 Aug 1872I have to make a charge re your carting of stone daily to the new works Lodgmore as you do not use the canal.
48GardinerCheltenham2 Sep 1872I draw your attention, as owner of the land opposite our wharf at Dudbridge, to the bit falling into the canal. Please repair and I will arrange for the rubbish to be taken out at Co's expense.
48Strachan & Co, cloth manufacturersStroud2 Sep 1872No charge will be made to you re carting through Wallbridge Wharf.
49aFallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard7 Sep 1872Instructions re roles of Thomas Lewis, Peter Daniels and Sittington. I shall be at your place on Monday and we shall got to Framilode together.
49bLewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode7 Sep 1872When oiling the paddles, you need not come further than the top of the five locks.
49bPeyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction7 Sep 1872No need to send tickets and I shall come to you on Monday. Instructions on what to have ready by way of receipts.
50Nicholls, JFramilode11 Sep 1872Please call and settle account for 70 tons of stone brought up to Dudbridge Wharf. Pencil note re payment 20 Sept.
50Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction11 Sep 1872In future charge 'Sundries' for anything not named in headings of our Tonnage Table.
51Stratford Flour Mill Co (J Ireland)Stroud11 Sep 1872A mistake by my wife meant you paid too little for the tonnage for slates on 4 Sept. Pencil note: paid 26th Sept 1872.
51G&B Canal Co (W B Clegram)Saul Lodge11 Sep 1872Please clean out canal at the entrance of the lock at The Junction as it interferes with our traffic.
52Lane, WilliamEbley11 Sep 1872Please return our pile engine as we want to use it. Send to our canal yard at Eastington. Inform your captains they must clear out at this office.
52Miles & Wood, coal & brick merchantsStroud11 Sep 1872You were charged too little for the slates on boat Emily. Please pay the additional tonnage. Pencil note: paid Sep 20 1872.
53Hiskins, J, coal merchantWantage11 Sep 1872Please pay for boat load of coal carried by boat Hope from Bullo to Wantage on 27 May.
53Phipp, C H, farmer & coal merchantKempsford11 Sep 1872Please pay for boat load of coal carried by boat the Sisters from Bullo to Kempsford on the 26 July.
54Campbell, RBuscot Park11 Sep 1872Please pay for boat load of coal carried by boat Thames from Bullo to Buscot on the 11 April.
54Sisum, T, coal merchantChalford11 Sep 1872Please pay for boat load of sundries carried by boat Red Rover from Gloucester to Lechlade on the 1 March.
55Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode24 Sep 1872Mr Rowles is leaving the house he occupies under the Co. I will send you a note to give him when he gives you the key.
55Rowles, ThomasFramilode24 Sep 1872I confirm there is no rent owing on the Cottage at Framilode on the understanding you give Mr Lewis the key by the 25 Sept 1872
56Critchley, Charles, coal merchantStonehouse24 Sep 1872What is the address of the Surveyor for the Wheatenhurst Highway Board who use a portion of our Stonehouse Wharf for stone breaking.
56Hastings, R & Co, Vatch MillSlad24 Sep 1872Please pay the rent which is overdue for the pen at Wallbridge Wharf.
57Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard24 Sep 1872Work required to the canal bank opposite Mr Ward's house at Dudbridge; boatmen having difficulty in getting into the lock.
57Gardner, W J, painter & decoratorStroud24 Sep 1872Suggested appointment to look at cottage, opposite the Gas Works, requiring painting.
58Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard24 Sep 1872re Cottages at Framilode: Mr Rowles is leaving one and will give the key to Mr Lewis. Serve the enclosed Notice on the other tenant Hamer?. Instructions to Mr Cam re excavations for the new wall at Br
59Field, Amos, barge ownerSaul24 Sep 1872Account enclosed for period up to the 18th instant.
60Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction27 Sep 1872Has Henry Lewis cleared out with you for the old iron he had under a quantity of larch poles from Dudbridge. The Captain of the Co's Reliance will be moving goods through Framilode locks.
61Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard1 Oct 1872Instructions re: a lock repair at Dudbridge; Bulling's wages and a model to be sent a.s.a.p.
62Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard8 Oct 1872Instructions re: two separate sheets for wages for Fallows and Clarke; a report for work done since 19 Sept and a model.
63Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction15 Oct 1872Send me copies of certain tickets, of which we are short to fill up the numerical book. Confirmation required that no. 972 was the last issued for September.
64Hart, W TLechlade15 Oct 1872This is my third lettere; please pay the amount owing at once, by postal order.
64Sisum, T, coal merchantChalford15 Oct 1872Please pay by postal order, by return, the amount owing for the coal carried from Bullo to Lechlade.
65Pearce, T H, vessel ownerChalford15 Oct 1872Please pay at once by postal order for loads as detailed.
65Walkley, W15 Oct 1872Proceedings will be taken out against you if you do not pay at once for timber from Gloucester to Brimscombe on 18 September. Also instructions as to how future cargoes will be allowed on the canal.
66Ford Brothers, millersRyeford15 Oct 1872Please send cheque by bearer to settle your account.
66Lane, WilliamEbley15 Oct 1872Please send cheque by bearer to settle your account.
67Lovell, J, vessel ownerBristol15 Oct 1872Please send cheque to settle your account.
67Sims & Sons, millersRodborough15 Oct 1872Please send cheque to settle your account.
69Webb, Mrs EEastcombe15 Oct 1872Please send cheque to settle your account for tonnage.
70Stratford Flour Mill CoStroud15 Oct 1872Details of drawbacks allowed on imported wheat. Settlement of overdue accounts asked for and request to attend the General Half Yearly meeting on the 24th if it is considered there is a claim.
71Perry, George, carpenterEastington Yard16 Oct 1872Instructions at estimated figure re making of a pair of middle gates for the double locks
72Lovell, J, vessel ownerBristol16 Oct 1872Mr Patridge has left Co. please send cheques to me in future. Send me 10 stamps to make your account right.
72Stratford Flour Mill CoStroud16 Oct 1872Only the Committee can agree to an allowance on your account.
73Lewis, H, coal dealerRyeford16 Oct 1872Please pay for the portion of the wharf at Ryeford you are using but do not pay for. An amount per annum suggested.
73Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse16 Oct 1872You are using a portion of our wharf at Ryeford for stone breaking, but do not pay for it. An amount per annum suggested.
74Ford Brothers, millersRyeford16 Oct 1872Asking again for settlement of last account.
75Chapman, J, coal merchantChalford17 Oct 1872re: Cargo of boat Thomas Edwards, delivered to Brimscombe and an account sent to you. However, no account given by William Smith, steerer, of the 20 tons coal unloaded on 12 Sept at Upper Wharf, Strou
76Stratford Flour Mill CoStroud17 Oct 1872Our account is correct; please pay cheque for amount not later than tomorrow - Friday.
77Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse19 Oct 1872Offering use of part of Ryeford and Bristol Road Wharves for storage of stone
78Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard21 Oct 1872Send some clay up to the ground opened at Wards cesspool at Dudbridge as it is affecting the well. Tell Sittington to report all boats working two handed, being careful to check the correct name of c
79Kingdon, J S, solicitorLondon4 Nov 1872Re two dividends, I will reply in a few days
79Bouverie, P P, bankerLondon4 Nov 1872Re shares in the name of the Hon P P Bouverie, I will reply in a few days
80Post Master (J S Musgrave)Stroud4 Nov 1872I would be glad to have a second delivery on the terms named by you
80Camm. OSaul4 Nov 1872The Committee think your estimate of £31 for the wall at Bristol Road Wharf includes the excavations
81Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction4 Nov 1872J Webb's a/c should be 11s 8d. A Field did not mention his down cargo, ticket to be made out 4 tons to the 1000 for blue bricks and 3 tons to the 1000 for redbricks
82Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction6 Nov 1872All monies received by you must be sent in full. Any expenses will be paid back after receipt of bill. Tonnage must be paid in full.
83Bouverie, P P, Pall Mall, bankerLondon6 Nov 1872Advice to make a claim for shares personally or through a solicitor at our next Board Meeting
84Drew, builderChalford?11 Nov 1872Put right damage done to Wharf and Tow Path by you carting stone to the works at Lodgemore or we will have to make a charge.
85Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction11 Nov 1872Materials for our work pay no toll. Materials for contractors work do pay. Do you think the enclosed tickets would be better than those now in use
86Cam, Oliver, builderSaul11 Nov 1872Query about surplus stone and whether it might be purchased.
86Jacomb, CBrighton11 Nov 1872I note the correct address for warrant.
87Gainer & Co, Bridgend Dye WorksStonehouse11 Nov 1872Request to pay for portion of Stonehouse Wharf used at same rate as Mr Savage.
87Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse11 Nov 1872Request for reply to letter 19 October re Wharves at Ryeford and Bristol Road
88Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction12 Nov 1872Floor quarries brought to Lodgemore should be classed as Sundries, not bricks
89Ford Brothers, millersRyeford13 Nov 1872Account enclosed under agreement as per your letter of 15 March 1872
90Ford Brothers, millersRyeford13 Nov 1872Copy of account referred to in accompanying letter
91Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse13 Nov 1872Taking more land than he is paying for. Must stay with set boundaries
91Stratford Flour Mill CoStroud13 Nov 1872Please pay account for tonnage
92Gainer & Co, Bridgend Dye WorksStonehouse13 Nov 1872Re stacking of logwood on Stonehouse wharf, we make a charge for people who keep a stock on the wharf, but not if moved in a reasonable time
93Jacomb, CBrighton13 Nov 1872Share list left confused by Mr Partridge. List of Jacob shares to be checked, please let me have particulars..
94Vizard & Co, solicitorsDursley13 Nov 1872Cheque to be drawn on or after next committee meeting on 21st of this month and sent to you.
95Jacomb, CBrighton14 Nov 1872Cheque enclosed; names and number of shares set out.
96Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction14 Nov 1872If G&B has charged quarries at same rate as bricks, we shall do the same. Send me the tickets.
96Searancke, C M MrsSt Albans14 Nov 1872Mistake over shares you had the wrong warrant, thank you for your cheque, I am writing to Mr Jacomb.
97Cam, Oliver, builderSaul16 Nov 1872I should not want the stone lying at Bristol Road unless assured there were 38 tons, and should like a separate bill for it not charged in your account. There is much cheating in Bristol Stone, often
98Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction20 Nov 1872Today I have sent you a ticket book and stamps. T&S Canal stoppage at Stroud Lock starting 12 o'clock tomorrow night until 12 o'clock on Saturday night. I will send you a cash book. Let me have copies
99Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard20 Nov 1872I am meeting Mr Savage at Stonehouse Wharf on Saturday morning. Let me know amount required for wages and I'll bring it with me. Look at the stone at Camms, Bristol Road if you are able.
99Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse20 Nov 1872Can you meet me at Stonehouse Wharf on Saturday at 11.30am?
100Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction22 Nov 1872Ticket received. No need to be particular about narrowboats working two handed, but insist on barges and wide boats working with three. Also instructions about tonnage on wheat to Lodgemore on account
101Vizard & Co, solicitorsDursley22 Nov 1872Cheque enclosed, let me have a list and numbers of property to which it refers. Bill enclosed for your use of Company's wharf at Stonehouse from 29 Sept 1869 to 29 Sept 1872..
102Heelas, WStroud22 Nov 1872Cheque enclosed for lighting at Dudbridge Wharf to Xmas 1872; the subscription will cease from above date.
102Miles & Wood, coal & brick merchantsStroud22 Nov 1872From above date bricks, tiles, quarries etc will be charged at dead weight not by number.
103Marling, TGloucester22 Nov 1872Bill for rent for 2" water pipe from canal to House for period as set out. Pencil note: paid 23 Nov.
104Hooper, C H, woollen cloth manufacturerEastington22 Nov 1872Bill for rent for use of towing path between Bonds Mill and Railway for period as set out. Plus rent for use of towing path from Bonds Mill to the Lower Gates for specified period.
105Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
106Buckler, Gannicox HouseStroud
106Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse
107Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
108Taylor & Low Bros, Cumberland RdBristol
109Heelas, WStroud
109Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse
110Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
111Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
112Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
113Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
114Cam, Oliver, builderSaul
114Drew, builderChalford?
115Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
115Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
116Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse
116Vizard & Co, solicitorsDursley
117Fellows & Co, carriers by waterGloucester
117Sisum, T, coal merchantChalford
118Police Officer MatthewsStonehouse
119Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse
120Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
121Cam, Oliver, builderSaul
121Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
122Pearce, T H, vessel ownerChalford
123Cam, Oliver, builderSaul
123Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse
124Cottle, MrsDudbridge
124Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
125Rickets, M SDudbridge
126Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
127James, A, plasterer?Leonard Stanley
128English & Sons, buildersStroud
128Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
129Apperley & Co, iron foundersDudbridge
129Strachan & Co, cloth manufacturersStroud
130Police Officer MatthewsStonehouse
131Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
132Vizard & Co, solicitorsDursley
133Apperley & Co, iron foundersDudbridge
133Spire, George, solicitorStroud
134Clark, Stroud surveyorStroud
134Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
135Webb, timber merchantEbley
136Baxter, Nathaniel, masonSlad
137Haywood, FrederickEastington
138Gainer & Co, Bridgend Dye WorksStonehouse
138Lovell, J, vessel ownerBristol
139Chapman, J, coal merchantChalford
139Vizard & Co, solicitorsDursley
140Smith, R W, rate collectorEastington
141Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
142Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yarda
142Knight, F, coal merchantChalforda
142Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junctionb
142Webb, Mrs EEastcombeb
143Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
144Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
144Little, W, solicitor
145Critchley, MrsBristol Road Wharf
146Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse
147Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
148Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
148Vizard & Co, solicitorsDursley
149Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
149Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse
150G&B Canal Co (W B Clegram)Saul Lodge
151Ward, E T, coal agentDudbridge
153Merritt, H, road surveyorQuedgeley
153Vizard & Co, solicitorsDursley
154Curwen, T T, stock brokerLondon
154Witchell, E, solicitorStroud
155Kinnier & Tombs, solicitorsSwindon
156Curwen, T T, stock brokerLondon
157Apperley & Co, iron foundersDudbridge
157Knight, F, coal merchantChalford
158Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
158Rice, J, carrierGloucester
159Sutton, C, surveyorStroud
159Vick & Co, engineers & iron foundersDudbridge
160Bolton, MrsBristol Road Wharf
160Ward, E T, coal agentDudbridge
161Williams, MrsFramilode
162Apperley & Co, iron foundersDudbridge
162Skelton, Mrs, DownfieldStroud
163Cam, Oliver, builderSaul
164Cam, Oliver, builderSaul
165Cam, Oliver, builderSaul
166Holloway, George
167Cam, Oliver, builderSaul
167Muzio, JamesLondon
168Muzio, JamesLondon
169Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
169Fellows & Co, carriers by waterGloucester
170Pooley & Son, machine worksLiverpool
171Merritt, H, road surveyorQuedgeley
172Morgan, F H, timber merchantCambridge
172Vick, John, farmerWhitminster
173Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
174Morgan, F H, timber merchantCambridge
175Rice, J, carrierGloucester
176Sutton, C, surveyorStroud
177Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
179Lewis, H, coal dealerRyeford
179Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
180Muzio, JamesLondon
181Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
181Gower, Levison, barge ownerSaul
182Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
183Smith, A
184Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
185Gower, Levison, barge ownerSaul
185Sutton, C, surveyorStroud
186Vick, John, farmerWhitminster
187Muzio, JamesLondon
188Morgan, F H, timber merchantCambridge
188Webb, Mrs EEastcombe
189Vick, John, farmerWhitminster
190Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
190Rowles, ThomasFramilode
191Tremlett, Dr, London
192Allsopp, CharlesDudbridge
193National Provincial Bank (Quin)Bath
194Harwood, NastendEastington
194Lewis, DownfieldStroud
195Horseman, NastendEastington
195Vick, John, farmerWhitminster
196Davies, OliverNewtown
197Fellows & Co, carriers by waterGloucester
197Smith, C, timber merchantChalford
198Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
199Webb, J, timber merchantEbley
200Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
200Sittington, Oliver
201Brimmell, Victoria TapDudbridge
201Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
202Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
203Morgan, F H, timber merchantCambridge
204Whiting, ZaccheusChalford
205Hastings, R & Co, Vatch MillSlad
206Stockwell, H JGloucester
207Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
207York, JohnGloucester
208Gower, Levison, barge ownerSaul
209Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
210Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
211Roberts, WEastington
212Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
213Brewin, R
214Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
215Cox & Co, Craigs CourtLondon SW
215Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
216Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
217Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
218Partridge, N ACainscross
218Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
219Whiting, ZaccheusChalford
220Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
221T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
222Hazle, G, boat ownerBrimscombe
223Davies Stonehouse
223Fielding & Platt, engineersGloucester
224Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
224Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
225Trotter Thomas & Co, coal merchantsLydney
226Trotter Thomas & Co, coal merchantsLydney
227Pooley & Son, machine worksLiverpool
228Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
229Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
229Wilton, H HWhitminster
230Durberley, WSt Neots
230G&B Canal Co (W B Clegram)Saul Lodge
231Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
232Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
232Marling, TGloucester
233Taylor & Low BrothersBristol
233Vizard & CoDursley
234Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
235Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
236Beard, G H ALeonard Stanley
239G&B Canal Co (W B Clegram)Saul Lodge
239Kingdon, J S, solicitorLondon
240Pooley & Son, machine worksLiverpool
240Stroud Local BoardStroud
241Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
242T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
243Partridge, N ACainscross
243Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
244Pooley & Son, machine worksLiverpool
245T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
246Clark, JohnSaul
246Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
247Ward, E T, coal agentDudbridge
247Webb, James, coal dealerChalford
248Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
249Cam, Oliver, builderSaul
250Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
253Butt, G, captain of boat ExchangeStroud
253Lawrance, John, captain barge Peel
254Easie & Co, timber merchantsGloucester
255French, JohnStonehouse
255Price & Co, timber merchantsGloucester
256Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
257Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
258Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
259Cam, Oliver, builderSaul
260Payne, E R, stone merchantColeford
261Lewin & Benton, lime merchantsBarrow-on-Soar
263Harrison, Charles, builderStonehouse
265Payne, E R, stone merchantColeford
266Foster, Thomas NelsonCheltenham
267Loxley, John, solicitorLondon
267Stanton, Mrs J, South KensingtonLondon
268Hazle, G, boat ownerBrimscombe
269Payne, E R, stone merchantColeford
270Lane, WilliamEbley
271Foster, Thomas NelsonCheltenham
271G&B Canal Co (W B Clegram)Saul Lodge
272Monger & Stout, iron merchantsGloucester
273Lewin & Benton, lime merchantsBarrow-on-Soar
273Loxley, John, solicitorLondon
274Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
275Beard, TBroseley
275Holloway, George
277Lane, WilliamEbley
278Smith, E NDudbridge
279Clark, Stroud surveyorStroud
280Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
280Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
281Smith, P L, LansdownStroud
282Smith, J LStonehouse
283Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
283Tyers, T T
284Pooley & Son, machine worksLiverpool
285Dangerfield, captain of Rose Ann
285Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
286Meadows, A, boatman?
288Matthews, farmer, NupendEastington
289Thursfield, W MRodborough
290Jacomb, CBrighton
291Jacomb, CBrighton
291Phillips, MGloucester
292Muzio, JamesLondon
293T&S Canal Co (Prideaux) London
294T&S Canal Co (Prideaux) London
295Blick, Robert builderStonehouse
295Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
296Hastings, R & Co, Vatch MillSlad
296Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
297Lewis, Thomas, wharfingerFramilode
298Miles, JGloucester
298Ward, EGloucester
299Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
299Haviland. J RGloucester
300Gainer & Co, Bridgend Dye WorksStonehouse
300Butt & Skurray, millersCainscross
301Lane, WilliamEbley
301Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
302Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
303Clements, W, accountantGloucester
303Estcourt, David, tax collector
304Browning, W, farmer NastendEastington
305T&S Canal Co (Prideaux) London
306Godsell, Uriah, Fromebridge MillFrampton
306James, A, plasterer?Leonard Stanley
307Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
308Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
308Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
309Britttan, M & Son, solicitorsBristol
310Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
311Britttan, M & Son, solicitorsBristol
311Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
312Coles, C J, surveyor of taxesGloucester
312Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
313Britttan, M & Son, solicitorsBristol
314Van Sandau & Cumming, solicitorsLondon
315Croome, T M, solicitorCainscross
316Britttan, M & Son, solicitorsBristol
317Britttan, M & Son, solicitorsBristol
318Marling, TGloucester
318Van Sandau & Cumming, solicitorsLondon
319Van Sandau & Cumming, solicitorsLondon
320Stanton, Mrs J, South KensingtonLondon
320T&S Canal Co (Prideaux) London
321Clark, Stroud surveyorStroud
321Stanton, C H
322Payne, E R, stone merchantColeford
322Smith, R, Eastington MillsEastington
323Marling, TGloucester
323Vizard & Co, solicitorsDursley
324Marling, TGloucester
326Lovegrove & Bryan, solicitorsGloucester
327Ellis, T S, Clarence St, surgeonGloucester
329Stanton, C H
330Dudden, EdmondHuddersfield
331Van Sandau & Cumming, solicitorsLondon
332Clements, W, accountantGloucester
333Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
334Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
334Vizard & Co, solicitorsDursley
335Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
335Van Sandau & Cumming, solicitorsLondon
336Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
337Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
338Van Sandau & Cumming, solicitorsLondon
339Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
340Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
341Van Sandau & Cumming, solicitorsLondon
342Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
342Van Sandau & Cumming, solicitorsLondon
343Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
346T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
347T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
348T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
349T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
350Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
351Godsell, Uriah, Fromebridge MillFrampton
351Taylor & Low Bros, Cumberland RdBristol
352Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
353Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
354Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
355Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
356Chapman, J, coal merchantChalford
356Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
357Drinkwater, J, grocerWallbridge
357Godsell, Uriah, Fromebridge MillFrampton
358Davies, WilliamDudbridge
359Banks, BenjaminFramilode
360Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
361Lewis, H, coal dealerRyeford
362Van Sandau & Cumming, solicitorsLondon
363Lewis, H, coal dealerRyeford
364Markham, J
365Blick, Robert builderStonehouse
366Davies, WilliamDudbridge
366Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
367Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
368Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
368Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
369Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
370Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
371Perry, George, carpenterEastington Yard
372Haviland. J RGloucester
373G&B Canal Co (W B Clegram)Saul Lodge
373Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
374T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
375Monger & Stout, iron merchantsGloucester
375Price & Co, timber merchantsGloucester
376Philips, C FKensington
377Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
378Hamer, JFramilode
379T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
380T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
381T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
382T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
383Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
383Savage, MrsWhitminster
384T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
385Hooper, C H, woollen cloth manufacturerEastington
386Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
387Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
387Webb, James, coal dealerChalford
388G&B Canal Co (W B Clegram)Saul Lodge
389Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
390James, A, plasterer?Leonard Stanley
391Butt, Joseph, captain of barge Annie
391Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
392G&B Canal Co (H Waddy)Gloucester
393G&B Canal Co (H Waddy)Gloucester
394Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
395Godsell, Uriah, Fromebridge MillFrampton
396Sheffield & Sons, solicitorsLondon
397Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
398Cooke, J & Sons, Shannon CourtBristol
398Lovegrove & Bryan, solicitorsGloucester
399G&B Canal Co (H Waddy)Gloucester
399Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
400Lovegrove & Bryan, solicitorsGloucester
401Sheffield & Sons, solicitorsLondon
402Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
403Mastin, T M, painterStonehouse
403May, J WStroud
404Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
405Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
406Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
407Vaughan, farmer, Bristol Rd
408Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
408Knee, William, coal merchantStroud
409Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
410Whish, A R LBristol
411Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
411Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
412Davies, H O
413Vaughan, farmer, Bristol Rd
413Ward, E T, coal agentDudbridge
414Marling, TGloucester
414Philips, C FKensington
415Cross, J, captain of Sabrina
416Midland RailwayStonehouse
417Perry, George, carpenterEastington Yard
418T&T Canal Co (Saunders)Brimscombe
419Cox & Co, Craigs CourtLondon SW
419Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
420Webb, James, coal dealerChalford
421Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
421Wall & Hook, buildersBrimscombe
422Critchley, Charles, coal merchantStonehouse
423Critchley, Charles, coal merchantStonehouse
423Wall & Hook, builderBrimscombe
424Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
425Ford Brothers, millersRyeford
426Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
427T&S Canal Co (T Saunders)Brimscombe
428Coles, C J, surveyor of taxesGloucester
429Jackson, J, barge captain
429Smith, J LStonehouse
430Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
430Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
431Marling, TGloucester
432James, H MExeter
433Ball, J G, coronerStroud
434Ball, J G, coronerStroud
434Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
435Beardmore, civil engineerLondon
435Williams, E LWorcester
436Beardmore, civil engineerLondon
437T&S Canal Co (Prideaux) London
438T&S Canal Co (Prideaux) London
439Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
439T&S Canal Co (Prideaux) London
440Durberley, WSt Neots
441Kinnier & Tombs, solicitorsSwindon
442Markey, Wilde & Burra, solicitorsLondon
443Kinnier & Tombs, solicitorsSwindon
444Monger & Stout, iron merchantsGloucester
445Dudden, EdmondHuddersfield
446Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
446Vizard & Co, solicitorsDursley
447T&S Canal Co (Prideaux) London
448Croome, T M, solicitorCainscross
449Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
449Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
450Marling, TGloucester
451Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
451Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
452Marling, TGloucester
453Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse
454Beard, G H ALeonard Stanley
454Little, W, solicitor
455Hooper, C H, woollen cloth manufacturerEastington
455Marling, TGloucester
456Croome, T M, solicitorCainscross
456Stanton, J T
457Phipps, SamuelCainscross
458Kearsey, W W, solicitorStroud
458Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
459Croome, T M, solicitorCainscross
460Markey, Wilde & Burra, solicitorsLondon
461T&S Canal Co (Prideaux) London
462T&S Canal Co (Prideaux) London
463Markey, Wilde & Burra, solicitorsLondon
464Markey, Wilde & Burra, solicitorsLondon
465Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
465Vizard & Co, solicitorsDursley
466T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
467Markey, Wilde & Burra, solicitorsLondon
468Markey, Wilde & Burra, solicitorsLondon
469Cox & Co, Craigs CourtLondon SW
470Kinnier & Tombs, solicitorsSwindon
471Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
472Lewis, H, coal dealerRyeford
473Mabbett, J, pilotFramilode
473Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
474Pearce, T H, vessel ownerChalford
474Webb, James, coal dealerChalford
475Cox & Co, Craigs CourtLondon SW
476Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
476Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
477T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
478Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
479T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
480Savage, Peter, road surveyorStonehouse
481Ely, Richard, Saul farmSaul
482Peyton, M N, toll clerkSaul Junction
483T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
484G&B Canal Co (W B Clegram)Saul Lodge
485Ely, Richard, Saul farmSaul
486T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
486T&S Canal Co (Prideaux) London
487Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
487Fallows, Henry, foremanEastington Yard
488Marling, TGloucester
489Marling, TGloucester
489T&S Canal Co (J H Taunton)Brimscombe
490Williams, R, toll clerkFramilode
496Libby, New MillStroud