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D1180-2-65 Diary

General TopicsDateSpecific Topics
Banking1892-12Moving and extending fence Dudbridge wharfD1180/2/65
Mudding1892-12Cleaning out ditch and other work at Coffin Weir near Bristol RoadD1180/2/65
Clearing ditches1892-12Canal frozen and traffic partly stopped today 24th Dec 1892D1180/2/65
Fencing1893-01Attending to locks and Bridges during frostD1180/2/65
Cutting osiers1893-03New wharf for Mr Harper - time to be charged to himD1180/2/65
Piling banks1893-04 to 06Making new wharf gates for Wallbridge WharfD1180/2/65
Getting clay1893-09Putting up wharf doors WallbridgeD1180/2/65
Cleaning locks1893-09Ice boat repairsD1180/2/65
Painting bridges1893-11Preparing new hoist for Wallbridge warehouseD1180/2/65
Weeding1893-11Work for Mr Harper 20 to 29 Nov 1893D1180/2/66
Trimming banks1893-12Attending lock during frost
Towpath gates1894-01Ice breaking canal closed
Putting stone on bridges1894-01Repair Gas works bridge
Ashing towpath1894-02Edward Hill paid one day extra for daughter attending weighing machine
Cleaning out pound1894-02S Organ paid 2s for railway fare to Gloucester and back to look out pine logs
Mowing1894-02Putting stage in for bathers at Stonehouse for Mr Sibley - charged to him
Stopping drains1894-05Digging up pound hedge at the Mud Tips
Working for T&S Canal Trust1894-06Commenced gates for Double Lock
Hedge care1894-06Inspection of canal 5th June
Collecting ashes1894-07Making new pair of gates for Double Lock
1894-07Putting in new pair gates at Double Lock
1894-07New stone quoins and other extensive work
1894-078th July to 3rd August stoppage at Double Lock
1894-07 to 08Stoppage at Double Locks tp put in new bottom gates and new stone quoins
1894-08 to 12Oliver Sittington ill Aug 1894 to 15 Sep allowed 10s per week. Died Sunday 23rd Dec 1894 - full wages allowed to widow by order of Chairman
1894-12Dec 1894 E Hill 1 days overtime for looking after yard after Oliver Sittington’s death
1895-022nd to 5th ice breaking
1895-026th Feb to 6th Mar closed due to ice. Thickness of ice near Bristol Road 12 inches near Coffin Weir 10.5 inches various parts of canal 6 to 7.5 inches.
1895-035th March ice breaking – partly closed
1895-03James Powell ill 6 days allowed. John Hill ill full time allowed
1895-04James Powell and John Hill ill allowed. John Hill to make full wage with 10s a week club money
1895-05John Hill 19 years service age 53 lost sight of one eye partly by accident when at work at withy bed at Junction by a twig st6icking him.
1895-06Repairing gates at Framilode Lock. Cleaning out the canal basin at Framilode
1895-08James Powell and John Hill 2s 6d gift for attending locks at night and Sundays.
1895-094 days stoppage to repair bottom gates at the Dudbridge top lock
1896-09Stoppage to install new bottom gates at Westfield Lock
1896-12Mudding in Wallbridge short pound for T&S Canal Trust. Other work for T&S Canal Trust followed
1897-02Ice breaking with one horse
1897-02New Lodgemore swing bridge
1897-08Mudding for Stroud UDC bathing place
1897-09 George Gardner paid expenses for fetching balance pole and planking from Gloucester
1898-05Helping Gas Co lay pipes in towpath between Dudbridge & Wallbridge
1899-05Stoppage to put in new bottom gates at Dudbridge top lock
!899-10Extra time for watching during repairs to gas works bridge
!899-10Repairing Framilode tide gauge and capstan
1899-11Repairing wall at Eastington damaged by GWR wagon
1900-02Ice breaking