Minutes Mon 16 Feb 1846

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Mon 16 Feb 1846


Company liable to repair road over Saul Bridge as far only as masonry extends. Walk Bridge same.
Mr Martin to see Mr Vizard and arrange amount to be paid for tithes to Mr Peters.
Request from Mr Henry H Wilton for Mr Sherwood to be allowed to enquire into causes of flood on lands adjoining River Severn at Hock Crib. Mr Sherwood to make necessary surveys.
Mr Martin to see Mr Rowles respecting his servant Thomas Hyde. Misconducted himself, convicted before magistrates. Penalty was £5. £1 10s accepted in lieu.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 16h day of February 1846
Present: M^r Dan^l Watts, Jn^o Holbrow, Jn^o H Warman, Geo Hen^y Beard, Fred^k Eycott Chairman, Rich^d Martin, Geo Wathen, Hen^y Wyatt, Will^m Fryer, W^m Jn^o Wood.
M^r Sherwood reported that he had attended the parish Meeting at Saul and the result was that this Company are liable to repair the road over Saul Bridge as far only as their Masonry extends and the same as regards Walk bridge.
A letter having been read from M^r Jn^o Vizard relative to the demand for Tithes due to the Rev^d Tho^s Peters for the parish of Eastington,
Ordered that M^r Wathen be requested to see M^r Vizard and arrange the amount to be paid for tithes to M^r Peters.
Ordered that M^r Hawker do see M^r Willson on the subject of Tonnage on Grain, Corn, Salt & Iron.
A Letter was read from M^r Hen^y H Wilton addressed to M^r Sherwood requesting that he be allowed to inquire into the causes of the late flood on the Lands adjoining the river Severn near the Hock Crib.
Ordered that permission be given to M^r Sherwood to make the necessary Surveys.
Ordered that M^r Martin be requested to see M^r Rowles respecting his Servant Tho^s Hyde who has misconducted himself and had been convicted before the Magistrates in the penalty of Five pounds and that £1..10..- be accepted in lieu thereof, including expenses.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
C Hawkers for Salary: 23^£
Hyett & C^o Road Stone: 4..10..-
H^y Howell Smith's Work: 11..7..2
S Wallis, Bisley Corn Stone: 10..10..11
Edw^d Shipway Millwright: 5..16..-

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