Minutes Mon 20 Apr 1846

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Mon 20 Apr 1846


Mr Spiers refused to sign contract for making two lock gates to be put in at stoppage of canal. Mr Sherwood and Mr Martin to obtain gates at best possible term.
Gallows Bridge had been knocked down by the 'Caroline', owner Jas Poole. To be repaired by Mr Poole without delay.
Circular from Mr Thomas Wilson, Hon. Secretary to Aire & Calder Navigation Co, regarding Canal Proprietors meeting at Osborne's Hotel, London on 22 April.
Frederick Nurse allowed £5 towards erection of garden wall at Dudbridge Wharf, 4½ feet above ground, 2 feet thick at bottom, 18 inches at top.
William Knee allowed £2 3s towards expense of whitewashing and colouring his house. Also allowed coal pen for him on wharf at Wallbridge for £7 per annum.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 10th day of April 1846
Present: M^r Fred Eycott, G H A Beard, Dan Watts, Jn^o H Warman, Rich^d Martin Chairman, Jn^o Holbrow, Hen^y Wyatt, Geo Wathen, Will^m Jn^o Wood.
M^r Sherwood reported that he had drawn out a Contract for making Two pair of Lock Gates and submitted it to M^r Spiers for his signature agreeably to his letter of the 16th March 1846 and that M^r Spiers has refused to sign the Contract.
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do confer with M^r Martin and take the necessary steps to provide two pairs of Lock Gates to be put in at the Stoppage of the Canal in the best manner and on the best terms.
M^r Wood desired to explain the reason for his declining to attend the Meeting of the 4th of April, which was in consequence of only two days notice having been given of the said Meeting instead of the Seven as prescribed in the Act of Parliament.
In consequence of information communicated relative to the South Wales Railway Bill,
Ordered that our Solicitor do suspend proceedings until further Instructions.
M^r Cooper the Auditor attended and said he had examined the Books and Vouchers and found every item correct.
The several Account Books belonging to the Company were examined and passed.
M^r Sherwood reported that the Gallows Bridge had been knocked down by one of M^r Ja^s Poole's Vessels the Caroline.
Ordered that M^r Hawker do write to M^r Poole on the subject of the damage done to the Bridge and request him to have the same put into repair without delay as much inconvenience arises to the public.
A Circular was read from M^r Tho^s Wilson Honorary Secretary to the Aire and Calder Navigation Company giving notice of a meeting of the Committee to be held on the 22nd Ins^t at Osborne's Hotel London.
Ordered that the sum of Five pounds be allowed to Fred^k Nurse towards the erection of a Garden Wall at Dudbridge Wharf, provided that it is erected to the satisfaction of our Surveyor. The Wall to be four feet and a half above the ground two feet thick at the bottom and eighteen inches at the top.
Will^m Knee applied for the allowance towards the expense of Whitewashing and colouring his House.
Ordered that Two pounds three shillings, being one half be allowed for that purpose.
Will^m Knee also applied for a Pen to be set apart for him on the Wharf at Wallbridge for the purpose of placing his Coals in.
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do mark out a sufficient space for the above purpose and that the sum of Seven pounds per annum be charged for the same.

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