Letter from James Bough, Undated, but accepted 17 April 1777

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Undated, but accepted 17 April 1777
From James Bough


Savings in carriage by making 500,000 bricks on Mr James's land for use in 5 locks at Eastington rather than at Wallbridge.

Verbatim text

Gentle^n of the Commitee
This Reported that it will be Very Proper to make Bricks of the Clay that Comes out of the Canal or the two Lock pits In M^r Jameses Land - wich will save a great Deal in Carriage. A Calculation of what money will be sav^d in Carriage in the making of 500000 - wich it will take to Compleat the two Locks and the swivle Bridge at Bonds Mill:
£ s d
as Viz: To Carriage of 250 waggon Loads of Coal from Bristol Road to the Locks at 5^s per Loade: 62..10..0
To Carriage of 40 waggon Load San^d to D^o 6^s per D^o: 12..0..0
To Extery weeling 6^d per Tho^sn: 12..10..0
Comes to: £87..0..0
A Calculation of what 50000 Deliver^d from Stroud to the above mention^d Locks and Bridge:
as Viz: To Carriage of 250 waggon Loads of Coales from Bristol Road to Stroud at 10^s per Load: 125..0..0
To Carriage of 40 waggon Loade of Sand to D^o at 11^s per: 22..0..0
To Carriage of 500000 of Bricks to the said Locks and Bridge at 5^s per Tho^sn Comes to: 125..0..0
Delivered from Stroud Comes to: £282..0..0
Made at the Locks Comes to: 87..0..0
Sav^d by Making upon the Spot: £197..0..0
Saved: £185..0..0


Acceptance recorded in Minute Book 1 page 125 on 17 April 1777.

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