Minutes Wed 24 Jul 1946

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Wed 24 Jul 1946


No quorum.
Sperry Gyroscope Co. Lt. No estimate from Mr Hopson for removal of Blockhouse and repair of Swing Bridge. Letter from War Office Lands Officer at Bath. Removal of Blockhouse by Navigation with and at cost of Ministry of Transport. Damage to bridge caused by traffic should be taken up with Sperry Gyroscope Co. or Ministry of Aircraft Production.
Wallbridge Wharf. Public Use. Notice. Mr Hopson to erect notice.
Blockhouses at Whitminster and Eastington. Letter from War Department Lands Office, Bath. Lands Officer to fix compensation as provided by Act of Parliament.
Wallbridge Office. Mr Hopson’s estimate of £35.6.0 accepted.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 246th day of July 1946 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present:. W R G Bloxam, R J C.Little.
There being only two members of the Committee present there was no quorum but there being some matter requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Sperry Gyroscope Coy Ltd: Block house and Swing Bridge
It was reported that M^r Hopson had not yet sent in an estimate for the removal of the Blockhouse and repair of the Swing Bridge. The Chairman read a letter from the War Department Land's Officer at Bath. It appears that the removal of the Blockhouse should be undertaken by the Navigation in conjunction with and at the cost of the Ministry of Transport. The question of the damage to the Bridge should be taken up with the Sperry Gyroscope Coy Ltd or the Minisrty of Aircraft production.
Property at Dudbridge: M^r Bassett, Agreement
The Agreement is being prepared.
Wallbridge Wharf. Public Use Notice.
M^r Hopson had been to erect a Notice approved by the Committee.
Moorage at Whitminster, M^r Parker
A letter had been written to M^r Parker; there had been no reply.
Overhanging trees at Downfield: M^r Gadsden
A letter settled by the Chairman had been sent to M^r Gadsden enclosing the Navigations A/c for £1..15..0 for the removal of a branch from the waterway and M^r Wiggall's report regarding the condition of the trees. There had been no reply to the Navigation's communication.
Blockhouses at Whitminster and Eastington
The Chairman read a letter from the War Department Land's Officer at Bath. The Committee directed that it be left to the Land's Officer to fix the amount of compensation as provided by the Act of Parliament mentioned in his letter.
Wallbridge Office
M^r Hopson's estimate for work at 13 Wallbridge amounting to £35..6..0 was accepted.
1st July 1946 to 24th July 1946 -- nil
1st July 1945 to 24th July 1945 -- nil.
1st July 1946 to 24 July 1946 £6 6s 0d
1st July 1945 to 24 July 1945 £1 4s 6d
Cash at Bank
24th July 1946 In credit £228 6s 2d
24th July 1945 In credit ,£227 19s 4d,
Cheques drawn
Stroud Gas Coy Office Gas 6s 4d
H Wiggall & Son Canal Maintenance £3
James and Owen Stationery 5s 7d
Wood and Rowe Office Coal £2s 13s 0d
Committee Expenses £1 2s 6d

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