Minutes Wed 21 May 1947

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Wed 21 May 1947


No quorum.
Stroud Metal Company. Water Supply at Dudbridge. Supply through 3” pipe, annual rent £30, payable. Agreement at cost of Metal Company.
Stonehouse Wharf. Mr Spinner to rent portion of Wharf and lean-to shed west of garage premises for two years, £50 a year. Agreement at his expense.
Canoe on Canal. P L Gladstone Smith allowed to pass with canoe over Canal from Junction at Saul to Wallbridge at his own risk and peril, not using locks or bridges.
Eastington Park. Letter sent to Mrs D J de L Bush re trees on her land overhanging the canal between top lock at Newtown and Pike Lock at Eastington.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 2^nd day of May 1947 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present W G S Bloxam R J C Little.
There being only two Members of the Committee present there was no quorum but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Stroud Metal Company - Water Supply at Dudbridge
The Chairman reported that he had arranged with the Metal Company to take a supply of water through a three inch pipe from the Canal, under the bridge at Dudbridge, at an annual fee of £30 payable quarterly, in advance, subject to the Company's usual agreement, at the cost of the Metal Company. The Clerk reported that the Metal Company had commenced the work.
Stonehouse Wharf - M^r Spinner
M^r Spinner appeared before the Committee in support of his application to rent the portion of the Wharf and Lean-to shed expanding Westward of garage premises now let to M^r Hack. The Committee agreed to let the Wharf & Shed to M^r Spinner for two years at £50 a year payable quarterly in advance subject to an Agreement to be prepared by the Company's Solicitors at the expense of M^r Spinner. The tenancy to commence on 22^nd May 1947. M^r Spinner expressed his thanks and agreed to the terms and conditions above stated.
Canoe on Canal - P L Gladstone Smith
The Clerk was instructed to inform M^r Smith that he may pass with a canoe over the canal waterway from the Junction at Framilode to Wallbridge at his own risk and peril provided that he does not use locks or bridges. For this the Company would allow him free passage.
Eastington Park - M^rs L I de L'Bush Trees overhanging Canal Waterway
Reported that a letter had been sent to M^rs Bush respecting trees on her land next the waterway of the Canal between the Top Lock at Newtown and the the Pike Lock at Eastington. No reply had been received.
January 1^st 1947 to May 21 1947 nil
January 1^st 1946 to May 21^st 1946 nil.
January 1^st 1947 to May 21^st 1947 £13 16s 0d
January 1^st 1946 to May 21^st 1946 £18 19s 6d.
Cash at Lloyds Bank Ltd Stroud
May 21 1947 In credit £371 0s 9d
May 21 1946 In credit £214 12s 6d.
Cheques drawn
Committee Expenses £1 12s 6d
Postmaster General Telephone £11 6s 9d
Stroud Gas Co Office Gas £2 3s 1d
Stroud U D C Water rate Eastington 16s 0d
Tithe Redemption Saul 1s 2d
James and Owen Stationery 7s 6d
J F Hopson Buidings £29 7s 2d
The Chalford Garage Canal Maintenance £4 9s 0d.

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