Minutes Thu 23 Feb 1775

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Thu 23 Feb 1775


Samuel Jones discharged.
John Priddey appointed chief engineer and surveyor at £100 a year. He must attend to the canal at least a quarter of his time with a quarter year warning on either side for termination of contract.
Mr Kemmett’s house and barn bought for £150.
Bricks to be made immediately in Mr Kemmett’s orchard.
Mr Hall ordered to bring 100 tons of Aberthaw stone for burning lime at 5s a ton.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Directors held at the George in Stroud on Thursday the 23^d of February 1775 by Adjournment
Present: Will'm Dallaway in the Chair, Rich^d Aldridge, Joseph Wathen, Tho^s Baylis, George Hawker, James Winchcombe, Tim Lewis.
[M^r Halls proposalls Accepted] Accepted M^r Halls Proposalls to hall the Stone from the Quarry to the Water side.~~~
He proposed to hall 40 Cd per Load two Loads per Day for a Fortnight by way of tryall and will engage to do it as Cheap or Cheaper thanany one shall propose besides.~~~
[Agreement with M^r Pridey] Agreed with M^r Priddey to be Chief Engineer and Surveyor of the Stroudwater Navigation to Execute the Whole--his Wages to one Hundred Pounds a year Whilst the work is going forwards The Whole to be Executed under his Directions on the very best Workman Like manners-- He is to Attend on it an Quarter of His time and more if there should be a Nessecary Occation for Him, it is further agreed that a Quarter of a Year's Warning shall be given if either side declines this Engagement.
[Agreement with M^r Kemett] Agreed with M^r Kemmett for his Orchard House and Barn etc Bordering on the Mouth of the Stroud River, at One Hundred and Fifty Pounds.~~
[Barrows to be provided] Ordered that M^r Preedey do order Barrows and Planks to be provided and other Necessary Tools.~~
[Brick to be made] Ordered to sett about making Brick imediately if the Soil in M^r Kemmetts Orchard will do for that purpose.~~~
Ordered that the Stone and Timber for the first Lock be brought up and Landed upon M^r Kemmetts Orchard by M^r Hall
[Agreement with M^r Hall] at five Shillings per Ton for Timber (40 feet to the Ton) and 2 Shillings for Stone (20 feet to the Ton).
Ordered that M^r Hall do bring one hundred Ton of Aberthaw Stone and land it for burning Lime for the lower Lock at 5^d per Ton.~~
[Price of Lands] Agreed to give 30 Years Purchase for the Land and three Years Purchase to be allowed for Taxes.~~~
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 9^th day of March next at 5 oClock in the Afternoon at the George in Stroud.

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