Minutes Thu 18 Jan 1776

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Thu 18 Jan 1776


Reported that coal can be delivered at the head of the Stroudwater Navigation 6p a ton more than it is delivered at Framilode.
That during the summer no vessels can come down the Severn loaded to Gloucester sometimes for 15 to 20 weeks so that the canal would be little used by coals coming from the river.
Cuckolds Brook empties itself into Mr Daniel Chances mill pond the third mill below Wallbridge and in the driest time of summer Thomas Lawrence has seen the stream diverted by a dam over a meadow and flood it.
Messrs Wathen, Baylis and Winchcombe to secure Lord Ducie’s interest.
Witnesses to be taken up to London are William Dutton, John Gleave, William Beard, William Mayo and Thomas Lawrence

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on January y^e 18^th 1776
Present: James Winchcombe, John Hollings, Robert Ellis, Thomas White, Joseph Wathen, Durley Wintle, Thomas Baylis, Richard Aldridge.
Reported by Jn^o Lawrence that Cuckolds Brook empties its self into M^r Daniel Chances Mill Pond the third Mill below Walbridge and in the Driest time of the Summer he hath seen the whole of this Stream for several Days together & for many years diverted and turned by a Dam over a meadow of the said M^r Chances to Flood it.
Ordered that Mess^rs Wathen; Baylis, and Winchcomb do waite on Lord Ducie to Sollicit his Interest and to Sign the Bill on Friday the 19^th Instant.
That M^r Jepson doth gibe Notice to Owner Owen that his Attendance will be requesed in London on Tuesday Evening the 30^th of January Instant.
M^r Jepson's report of Edward Owen's Evidence that Coals can be delivered at the Head of the Stroud Water Navigation for Six pence per Ton more than they are delivered at Framiload exclusive of the Duties and Toll of the said River. ~~~ That during the Summer Season no Vessells of Burthen can come down the River Servern Loaded to Gloucester sometimes for fifteen or twenty weeks together, and that he remembers it a total Stagnation for Six Months together, so that at very dry times the Canal will be but little used by Coals coming down the River.
Rec^d a Letter from M^r Hill requesting a remittance of forty Pounds which is postponed as he did not attend himself.
M^r Wathen is requested to write to M^r Lewins to desire his Attendance in London who will be waited on by Mess^rs Wathen, Winchcomb, Capel & Baylis, on Wednesday Morning the 23^d Instant if the Coach can travel.
Ordered that M^r Colborne Pay four Hundred Pounds to M^r Ben^m Grazebrook for the use of the Navigation.
It is requested that a Committee of Cprespondence of the following Gentlemen Mess^rs WIntle, Hollings, Aldridge, D^r Jones, Arundle, Colborne, Tho^s White and Francis Knight do meet as Business require.
The Names of the Witnesses that are requested to Come to Town when sent for are William Dutton, John Gleave, William Beard, William Mayo, & Thomas Lawrence, and if Needful John Lawrence about Cuckolds Brook.

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