Minutes Thu 26 Sep 1776

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Thu 26 Sep 1776


Mr King approves lengthening bridge at Bristol Road to continue the communication of Lord Middleton’s land.
The stone at Hanham approved for foundations to locks and bridges but not for quoins. 1000 tons to be ordered. Samuel Deague to deliver same for 2s 6d per ton (3s for pieces waying more than 3cwt).
The banks to be made up and puddled in Pool field, and the ditch from Saul field to the Severn at Frampton be widened and deepened.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 16^th Day of September 1776
Present: James Winchcombe, John Hollings, William Knight, Thomas Baylis, Joseph Wathen, Thomas White, Robert Ellis, Benj^s Grazebrook, Durley Wintle.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.
M^r Grazebrook Reported that M^r King approves Lengthening the intended Bridge at the Bristol Road, to continue the communication of Lord Middletons Land.
M^r Bough Reported that he has seen the Quarry at Hanham and approves of the Stones for foundations to the Locks and Bridges, but say it will not do for Quoins.
Ordered for one Thousand Ton of the Key Stones. ~~ Agree'd with Samuel Deague for the Freight of the above Stone to be delivered at the several Locks and Bridges at two Shillings and Six pence per Ton for the Key Stones, and three Shilling for all above three Hundred w^t.
Requested for M^r Grazebrook to apply to M^r Ruddall, or some proper person to get the Prices of the Masons work for Building the Key Walls of Bristol Bridge and to agree with a Master to Build the Walls of the Lock and Bridge at the Bristol Road, or to agree to the having it prepared at the Quarry.
also he is requested to go with M^r Bough to the Quarrys near Chepstow and make a Report at the next Meeting of their several Prices of Stones and Qualities.
Read a Letter from M^r White with his account annex'd of the Expences of Printing 100 Acts of Parliament and the Indexes, etc, amounting to the Sum of £26.
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook be desired to remit to M^r White for the same.
Ordered that the banks are made up and Puddled in Pool field, and that the Ditch from Saul field to the Severn at Frampton be widened and deepened so as to draw off the water to a regular current.
Ordered that the thirty Guineas allowed to M^r Lewis for his own and Sons attendance in Surveying the River and making a Plan be paid by M^R Grazebrook.
Ordered that a Bill of £100 be drawn on the Treasurer payable to the Clerk for the use of the Navigation.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 3^d of October next at 6 of the Clock in the evening at the George Inn in Stroud.

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