Minutes Thu 3 Oct 1776

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Thu 3 Oct 1776


Committee could not agree with £20 asked by Mr Pingo for a company seal. Mr Richard Bigland to fix a reasonable price.
Some of timber sent by Mr Sherward not fit for purpose – to be returned.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 3^d Day of October 1776
Present: William Knight, Robert Ellis, James Winchcombe, Thomas White, Joseph Wathen, Richard Bigland, John Hollings, Durley Wintle, Thomas Baylis, Benjamin Grazebrook, Timothy Lewis.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.
M^r Bigland Reported that he had an Account from London that there was a Steel Seal made for the Company by M^r Pingo, which was ready and his Charge for the same amounted to the sum of £20, and that an Iron Chest was also made for keeping the said Seal, amounting to the Sum of £7..10.
Ordered that M^r Richard Bigland be desired to write to Ralph Bigland Esq^r that we cannot consent to give so enormous a Sum for the Seal, but that he will waite on M^r Pingo to fix a reasonable price for the same. And in regard to the Chest the Company have not occasion for it, and that M^r Bigland will let us know the Lowest terms of the Seal before it is sent.
M^r Pashley Reported that the Timber sent by M^r Sheward were many parts of it very defective and not fit for the purpose. Ordered that M^r Keck and M^r Grazebrook be desired to go to Glocester and View the Timber, next Saturday Morning, and to fix on such parts of it are fit and proper for the purpose, and the rest to be returned.
Ordered that M^r Lewis be desired to write to M^r Baxter (by M^r Lingard) informing him the price given to M^r Stephens for his Lands, which is of greater value than his; and to desire that M^r Baxter will Settle with M^r Lingard the price of his Land, and that M^r Lingard do tender him the sum of for the purchase of his Lands.
Ordered a Bill to be drawn on the Treasurer for the Sum of £300.
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Tuesday the 15^th Instant at Ten of the Clock in the forenoon at the New Inn at Framiload.

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