Minutes Thu 29 Jan 1778

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Thu 29 Jan 1778


Sam Simmonds has raised the boat.
The canal is being raised over Hugh Smith’s land.
Soil in future to be removed to the depth of 9in where deep enough.
Mr Grazebrook to measure Mr Edward’s work in digging in Mr James’s land and settle the account with him.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 29^th day of January 1778:
Present: Joseph Wathen, Thomas White, John Hollings, Durley Wintle, Robert Ellis, Benjamin Grazebrook, Thomas Baylis, Freame Arundell.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
The Conveyance not received from M^r Reddall; Ordered that M^r B. Grazebrook be desired to waite on Mess^rs Hawker & Cook to settle the value of taking down his Stable; and that M^r Ellis be desired to attend M^r Grazebrook at same time.
M^r Colborne Reported that he had waited on H. Wyatt Esq^r but did not settle with him for his lands. ~~ Ordered that Mess^rs Ellis, Hollings and Grazebrook be desired to appoint a meeting with him upon the Lands so as finally to Settle it agreeable to his proposal.
M^r Kings account of Damages deffer'd to a further consideration.
No answer yet from M^r Selwyn in regard to the Lands belonging to the Corporation of Gloucester.
M^r Smith Reported that he has continued to fresh Stack the Bricks and expects to finish the whole in a few days.
Jos: Grazebrook reported that Sam^l Simmonds have raised the Boat, the expence to be placed to Alexander Clarks accounts.
The Lands of Jn^o Hugh Smith Esq^r & M^rs Hart, are raising, order to be continued till completed.
M^r Davis offered Oak Plank Viz: 500 Feet of two Inch & 500 Feet of two & half Inchs at 4½^d per Foot, and to pass none but such as M^r Keene shall approve. ~~ He also offers Oak Timber for Land Tyes not less than twenty feet in Length, the whole to be taken at the pitt. ~~ Ordered that M^r Keene do go and see to the s^d Timber, & make a report of the price at our next meeting.
Ordered that M^r B: Grazebrook be desired to attend in nicking out the Canal in the lower meadows of M^r Webbs Land in order that the Brickmakers may begin to dig out the Clay.
M^r Gleave Reported that M^r Beswicks men have removed the Soil to the distance he ordered. ~~ Ordered that he do give them notice to remove the Soil in future to the Depth of nine Inches where it is deep enough.
Ordered a Bill to be drawn on the Treasurer for the Sum of two Hundred Pounds.
Ordered that M^r Edwards be charged for 52,000 bad bricks unfit for our use at 12/6 per Thousand amounting to £31 4s. ~~ also that he be chaged £10,.4..0 for damages to M^r Kings Land and also that he be charged for use of Barrows and planks the sum of £5..5..9.
Ordered that M^r B: Grazebrook do measure M^r Edwards's Work in digging; in M^r James Land in proportion to the depth, and Settle the account with him, and pay him the Ballance.
Adjourned this meeting to Thursday the 5^th day of February next at four o Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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