Minutes Thu 20 Nov 1783

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Thu 20 Nov 1783


Mr Jepson stated that expenses incurred on Mr Mossoley's (Mosley's) business were 1 guinea. Clerk to apply to Mr Jennings for same.
Messrs Bigland, Baylis, Allaway, Grazebrook and Clerk to take view of Mr Cambridge's damages.
Stopping of road on towing path postponed.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held this 20^th Day of November 1783 at the George Inn in Stroud
Present: Joseph Wathen, Nathaniel Winchcombe, John Hollings, Thomas Baylis, James Dallaway, John Allaway, Freame Arundell, Richard Bigland, Nathaniel Jones, Ben^n Grazebrook.
Read the Minutes of the last Committee and General Meetings.
M^r James's Business is not yet settled.
Our Clerk Reported that M^r Jepson inform'd him the expences incurr'd upon M^r Mossleys Business is a Guinea and a half, Ordered that or Clerk do apply to M^r Jennings for the same.
Agree'd that Mess^rs Bigland, Baylis, Allaway and Grazebrook do take a View of M^r Cambridges Damages on Monday the 8^th of December next. Ordered that our Clerk do desire M^r Organ to meet them.
Drawn a Bill on the Treasurer for the Sum of Seven Hundred and Thirty four Pounds Seven Shillings and Nine pence for the use of the Navigation.
Posponed stoping the Road on the Towing Path of the Canal (as directed at the General Meeting) to a future time.
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Thursday the 18^th of December next at five o'Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn at Stroud.

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