Minutes Fri 9 Jan 1784

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Fri 9 Jan 1784


In consequence of Mr Baylis's report that an application was to be made to Parliament for an Act to give power to make a canal from the Severn near Gloucester to join the Stroudwater Canal the opinion of meeting was that such a scheme was premature. Committee to use every effort to oppose the scheme until fully satisfied of necessity for it, and of the Stroudwater Canal being inadequate to the business. Agents to be employed to spend £1000 or more to maintain Company's interests.
In dry seasons supply of coal difficult to be procured from Northern Collieries. Messrs Hollings and Grazebrook of opinion that a communication by water from Severn to collieries in Forest of Dean is very practicable and easily effected. Would afford ample supply and considerably reduce price of coals coming up Stroud Canal. Mr Grazebrook to take survey and make estimate of expense of making canal. 20 guineas for survey to be repaid by Proprietors when Act is obtained for executing work.
Towing paths of canal stopped by Geo Lodge, William Beard, Thomas Lewis and James Barn. Thursday 1 January Wallbridge to Dudbridge, Friday 2 January Dudbridge to Ryeford, Saturday 3 January Ryeford to Mr Eycott's Mill, Monday 5 January Mr Eycott's Mill to Bristol Road, Tuesday 6 January Bristol Road to Framilode.

Verbatim text

At a General Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation (by Special Appointment) held at the George Inn at Stroud on Thursday eh 8^th of January 1794 pursuant to an advertisment in the Glocester Journal for that purpose, in consequence of a Report made by M^R Baylis at a Committee Meeting the 18^th Decem: last, that an application was forthwith intended to be made to Parliament for an Act to give Powers to make a Canal from the Severn in Glocester to Join the Stroudwater Canal.
Joseph Wathen Esq^r in the Chair.
Resolved that is the Opinion of this Meeting that any attempt to forward such scheme is absolutely premature, as we have no proof of its Utility, and in consequence do authorise the Committee to use every Effort in their power to oppose till they are fully satisfied of the necessity of such a scheme, and of the Stroudwater Canal being inadequate to the Business.
Resolved that the Committee be empowered to employ Agenets and to expend a Sum of money to the amount of One Thousand Pounds or upwards, in order to maintain the Interest of the Company.
It having been Reported that in dry Seasons a supply of Coals is difficult to be procured from he Northen Collierys, in consequence thereof Mess^rs Hollings & Grazebrook were requested by the Committee to take a view of the Collierys in the Forrest of Deane which they have lately done; and are of Opinion that a communication by water from the Severn to the said Collierys is very practicable & easily effected, and would not only afford an ample supply, but considerably reduce the price of Coals comming up the Stroud Canal, Ordered that a Survey be taken of the same in order to asscertain the practability & Expence of such an undertaking and that M^r B. Grazebrook be employed to take the Survey and make an Estimate of the expence of making a Canal. And that Twenty Guineas be allowed by this Company for taking such Survey, etc, which Sum we expect will be repaid us by the Proprietors of the said Canal, when an Act is obtained for executing the work.
In pursuance of an order of the last General Meeting the Roads on the Towing Paths of the Canal were stoped by Geo: Lodge, William Beard, Thomas Lewis and James Barns, as follows Viz: on Thursday the 1^st of January Instant from Walbridge to Dudbridge, on Friday the 2^d from Dudbridge to Ryford, on Saturday the 3^d from Ryford to M^r Eycotts Mill, on Monday the 5^th from M^r Eycotts Mill to Bristol Road, and on Tuesday the 6^th from Bristol Road to Framiload.

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