Minutes Mon 11 Apr 1785

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Mon 11 Apr 1785


Mr Chambers desires clause to be inserted in Bill for making Abingdon Canal
that materials may pass free along Stroud Canal and for seal of Company to be affixed to their petition.
Mr Thomas White of Paganhill refuses to complete sale of land at Stonehouse Cross but will leave price to arbitration.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the Swan in Stroud on Monday the 11^th of April 1785
Present: Joseph Wathen, Thomas Baylis, John Hollings, John Allaway, James Dallaway, Ben^n Grazebrook.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
No answer yet Rece'd from M^r Jepson respecting the Rev^d M^r Yates's Land.
Our Clerk Reported that he has wrote to M^r Chambers conformable with the Order of last Meeting. Rece'd a Letter from M^r Chambers in reply, with a Bill now depending in Parliament for making the Abingdon Canal, desiring to have a Clause inserted that materials for making the said Canal may pass free upon the Stroud Canal, and requesting the Seal of the Company to their Petition in favor of such Canal. Reffer'd the consideration of the same to the General Meeting tomorrow.
Our Clerk Reported that some Stone is now getting from Quarrhouse.
M^r Franklin's Bill is discharged.
Our Clerk Reported that M^r Tho^s White of Paganhill refuses to compleat the Sale of the bit of Land at Stonehouse Cross, without a greater price that agreed for; but will leave the settlement of the price to Arbitration. Agree'd to leave the same to two Magistrates, one to be chosen by us, and the other by M^r White, or both by himself.

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