Minutes Thu 5 Oct 1786

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Thu 5 Oct 1786


John Davis to build a lock house at Dudbridge for £86 13s.
Nathaniel Jones claimed share no.86, Nathaniel Jones having died intestate.
Messrs Lane and Whitcombe to give short sketch of state of dispute with late Mr Knight and to know proceeding necessary to speedy and final end.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held this 5^th day of October 1786 at the George Inn at Stroud
Present: Nathaniel Winchcombe, Richard Bigland, John Hollings, Thomas Arundell, John Colborne, Ben^n Grazebrook,
Read the minutes of the last Meeting.
Our Clerk Reported that the Deed of Conveyance from the Executors of the late M^r Peach to the Company is Executed, and the money paid.
Our Clerk Reported that he has informed M^r Barnard of the Resolution of last Meeting, but has not yet paid the money.
Our Clerk Reported that he has paid the Rev^d M^r Davis for his Tythe.
Agree'd with John Davis to Build a Lock House at Dudbridge agreeable to proposals delivered for the Sum of £86.13.
Our Clerk Reported that he has made M^r Hawker an Offer of the Wythys, agreeable to the order last Meeting, but has not yet had his answer.
Ordered a Bill to be drawn on the Treasurer for the Sum of £232..1..10 for the use of the Navigation.
M^r John Colborne attended on behalf of the Represenative of Nathaniel Jones deceased to make out his Claim for one Share No 86 in the Stroud Navigation whereof the said Nath^l Jones dies possess'd of, and produced an administration of the Goods Chattels and Creditts of the said Nath^l Jones deceased who died Intestate Granted by the Perogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury unto Nathanield Jones Son of the said Nath^l Jones who is entitled to the said Share and the said Claim in hereby admitted accordingly.
Ordered that our Clerk do wait on Mess^rs Lane & Whitcombe to desire them to give a short sketch of the State of the dispute with the late M^r Knight, and to know what proceedings are necessary to bring the matter to a speedy & final Isue.
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Tuesday the 10^th Instant at Ten O'Clock in the forenoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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