Minutes Thu 1 Feb 1787

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Thu 1 Feb 1787


Mr James Farmer claimed- share no.76, will of Richard Farmer.
Land on north side of canals at Wallbridge to be sold to Clerk, Joseph Grazebrook for £100, provided he and Mr Webb secure a road to said land without going on wharf.
Mr Thomas Barnard settled his account.
John Shire to be lock keeper at Dudbridge at 10s a week and to work at any employ in Navigation. In his absence, wife to take care of lock when vessels are passing. 1s per week of pay to remain in Company's hands until it amounts to 40s; to be repaid if he leaves Company's service on giving up house without trouble.
Old building at Ryeford, lately a store let to Mr Ben Grazebrook as a warehouse at 10s per annum.
Letter to be sent to inform Mr Keck that Double Lock is defective and he should put it in a proper state.
John Shire and labourers to be employed as quarry men.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held by Adjournment at the George Inn at Stroud on Thursday the 1^st of February 1787
Present: Nathaniel Winchcombe, John Colborne, John Hollings, Thomas Arundell, John Allaway, Ben^n Grazebrook.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
M^r Thomas Cooper attended on behalf of M^r James Farmer of Gravell Street Hatton Garden in the City of London Gentleman & made out his Claim to one Share Number 76 in the Stroudwater Navigation late the Property of Richard Farmer deceased Brother of the s^d James Farmer by producing a Certain Deed of Instrument in writing bearing the date the 5^th day of April 1775 made between the s^d Rich^d Farmer on the one part & the s^d James Farmer on the other part, Whereby the said Rich^d Farmer did Grant Bargain Sell Assign Transfer & set over to the said James Farmer all his Personal Estate & Estates whatsoever which he was then possessed of To hold to him the said James Farmer his Executors Administration and Assigns as his and their own proper Goods and Chattells forever. And the said Claim is hereby admitted accordingly, and an attested Copy of the s^d Deed is left to be kept by the Treasurer among the Title Deeds of the Company.
Agree'd to Sell the whole of the Land on the North side of the Canals at Walbridge to our Clerk Joseph Grazebrook at the price of One hundred Pounds (including the Building thereon) Provided he can succeed with M^r Webb in securing a Road to the said Land without going upon the Wharf.
M^r Thomas Barnard attended & Settled his Account.
Agree'd with John Shire to be Lock keeper at Dudbridge at the Wages of 10^S per Week (to commence at Lady Day next) to work at any other employ on the Navigation and in his absence his Wife to take care of the Locks when Vessels are passing, to leave 1^s per Week in the Companys hand till it amounts to 40^s which Sum we agree to pay him in case he should leave our Service or be discharged on his giving up possession of the House without any trouble and in case he should refuse to deliver up Possession of the s^d House after a Months Notice that he shall forfeit the said 40^s & pay the further sum of 2^S per Week for every week afterwards he may so continue to occupy the same & the said John Shire do agree to the terms aforesaid.
Agree'd to Lett M^R Ben: Grazebrook the old Building (lately a Store) at Ryford at the Rent of Ten Shillings per Ann., the said M^r Grazebrook to repair the same for a Warehouse & in consideration of which he is to be charted no Rent for the first four years.
Our Clerk produced the Opinion of Mess^rs Lane ^ Whitcombe relative to the Double Lock. Resolved that a Letter be now wrote to M^r Keck to inform him that the Double Lock is defective & to desire that he will take the necessary measures for putting the same in a proper state.
Ordered that our Clerk do examine M^r Franklins Accout & settle the same to Saturday next & to employ John Shire with proper Laborers as Quarry Men on Monday next.
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Monday the 9^th of April next at five O'Clock in the afternoon at the George in Stroud.

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