Minutes Tue 10 Apr 1787

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Tue 10 Apr 1787


General Half Yearly Meeting. Tonnage £1014 3s 10d. Balance after payment of debts £333 13s 8½d.
Trustees to be appointed to receive money from John Mosley, deceased.
All debts that can be settled to be discharged.
Mr Ben Grazebrook to pay £25 tonnage for barges to and from Gloucester and Bristol till next half yearly meeting.
No answer received from Mr Keck. Company solicitors to enforce completion of contract.
Committee for next year: Sir George Paul, Nathaniel Winchcombe, Joseph Cripps, James Dallaway, Richard bigland, John Colborne, John Hollings William Battersby, Joseph Harford, Thomas C Arundell, Henry Burgh, Benjamin Grazebrook.

Verbatim text

At a General Half Yearly Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held the Tenth day of April 1787 at the George Inn in Stroud
Joseph Cripps Esq^r in the Chair.
The Minutes of the last General Meeting were Read & Confirm'd.
The several Books & Accounts were produced respecting the affairs of the Company, & examinined & Confirm'd.
It appears by the Accounts that the Sum Rece'd for Tonnage from the 10^th of October last to this Day amounts to £1014..3..10 a part of which have been appropriated to the payment of the last Dividend, other part thereof have been expended in the payment of Debts, etc, and there remains a Ballance in hand of £333..13..8½.
Ordered that the Commissioners be called to fix on Trustees to receive the Money for Land purchased of the late John Mosley deceased, & that the same be paid into the hands of such Trustees agreeable to the direction of the Act of Parliament.
Ordered that all Debts owing to the Company which can be settled, be immediately discharged & that remaining money be paid into the Treasuers hands.
Ordered that M^r Ben^n Grazebrooks Barges to and from Gloceser & Bristol to pass & Repass the Canal till the next half yearly Meeting in Consideration of his paying the Sum of Twenty five pounds for Tonnage & Wharfage during that time.
The Committee having made applications to M^r Keck agreeable to the Resolution of the last General Meeting & no answer being received in consequence, Ordered that our Sollicitors do apply to him to enforce the Completion of his Contract.
The following Gentlemen were by Ballott appointed a Committee for the ensuing Year, Viz:
Sir Geo: Paul, John Hollings, Nath^l Winchcombe, Will^m Battersby, Joseph Cripps, Joseph Harford, James Dallaway, Tho^s C: Arundell, Rich^d Bigland, Henry Burgh, John Allaway, Ben^n Grazebrook, John Colborne.

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