Minutes Thu 22 May 1788

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Thu 22 May 1788


Mr Thomas Baylis and Mr Sam Clissold bondsmen for Clerks.
Unsatisfactory answer from Mr Keck.
James Barns one of lock keepers being dead, Samuel Beard to succeed him at 8s 6d per week. His brother Wm Beard deposited 40 shillings as security for his leaving the house on quitting Company's service.
Thomas Lewis's wages reduced to 8s 6d per week.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held this 22^d Day of May 1788 at the George Inn in Stroud
Present: Nathaniel Winchcombe, Tho^s Arundell, Jn^o Hollings, Ben^n Grazebrook, Henry Burgh.
Read the Minute of the last Committee and General Meeting.
In Conformity with an Order of the Committee the 28^th of February last respecting Securities to be given by our Clerk, M^r Sam^l Baylis have proposed M^r Tho^s Baylis & M^r Edw^d Hains M^r Sam Clissold to be their Bondsmen.
Ordered that our Clerk do prepare Bonds ready to be executed at the next Meeting.
Received a Letter from Mess^rs Lane & Whitcome Stating that they have herd from M^r Keck & that he intends soon to aquaint us with his Determination. We consider such answer as unsatisfactory. Ordered that our Clerk do write to Mess^e Lane & Whitcombe to desire them to pursue proper means to compel M^r Keck to repair the Lock.
Continued the Order respecting Owner Pugh.
James Barnes one of the Lock keepers being dead, Agreed with Sam^l Beard to succeed him at the wages of Eight Shillings & Sixpence per Week to enter upon his business on Monday next, his Bro^r W^m Beard having agreed to deposit 40^s as a Security for his leaving the House at any time when he shall quite the Companys Service.
Ordered that Tho^s Lewis wages be reduced to Eight Shillings & Sixpence per Week.
Adnourn'd this Meeting to Monday the 9^th of June next at Eight O'Clock in the morning on Board the Companys Barge at Walbridge.

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