Minutes Mon 7 Sep 1789

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Mon 7 Sep 1789


Mr Clowes to be informed that all was ready for the repair of the Double Lock.
From late heavy rains great quantity of sand in canal at Ebley. Catch pools to be made immediately.
Each lock keeper to pay 20s per annum for houses.
Clerks to go through works of Thames & Severn Canal to answer questions. What coals are standing on different wharfs of Thames & Severn Canal? What coal is sold on Thames & Severn Canal since last General Meeting? What lime and bricks burnt this year? How far navigable? What remains of works to be completed? How long before it is finished?
James Arundell and Ann Wood claimed shares nos.47,48,49,50,51, Thomas Crozier Arundell having died intestate.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the George Inn in Stroud on Monday the 7^th of Sep^r 1789
Present: Nathaniel Winchcombe, John Allaway, John Hollings, Benj^n Grazebrook, John Colborne, Jos^h Grazebrook, Rich^d Bigland.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
Our Clerk reported that he have procured the necessary Materials for the Repair of the Double Lock.
Ordered that M^r Clews be inform'd of the same immediately.
Our Clerk reported that from the late heavy Rains a great Quantity of Sand is drove in the Canal at Ebley. Ordere that some Catch Pools be made immediately at some convenient Places.
Ordered that each Lock Keeper do pay Twenty Shillings per Annum for their Houses to commence from Lady Day last.
Ordered that our Clerks do one Week before the next General Meeting go through the Works of the Thames & Severn Canal and get every necessary Information relative to the following Questions:
To Enquire and see what Coals are standing on the different Wharfs of the T S Canal.
What Coal is sold on the T S Canal since last General Meeting.
What Lime and Bricks have been burnt this year.
How far Navigable.
What remains of the work to be compleated.
How long before it be finished.
Edward Wood of Horsley in the County of Glocester Gen^tn attended on behalf of James Arundell of Stroud in the said County of Glocester Esq^r and Ann Wood, Wife of the said Edward Wood, and made out their Claims to five Shares No 47, 48, 49, 50 & 51 in the Stroudwater Navigation late the Property of Tho^s Crozier Arundell of Stroud aforesaid Esq^r deceased by producing Letters of Administration of the Goods, Chattles, & Credits of the said Thomas Crozier Arundell (who died Intestate) Granted the 17^th Day of March last by the Perogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury unto the said James Arundell & Ann Wood the Lawfull Brother and Sister and next of Kin of the said Thomas Crozier Arundell who are entituled to the said five Shares and the said Claims is hereby admitted accordingly.
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Monday the 12^th of Octo^r next at ten o'Clock in the forenoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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