Minutes Tue 13 Oct 1789

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Tue 13 Oct 1789


General Half Yearly Meeting. Tonnage £867 6s 9½d. Balance after wages, etc, £707 7s 6½d. Dividend of £3 15s declared.
Committee are to survey Mr King's meadows (Thatcher’s) and determine satisfaction to be made.
Sum not exceeding £500 to be laid out in coals, to be landed at Dudbridge. Part of money to be laid out in purchasing Kingswood coal.
Mr Benjamin Grazebrook to pay £25 for tonnage and wharfage for next half year.
Boats carrying coal and merchandize for the Association of the Thames & Severn Navigation Committee to pass with the usual checks and that tonnage be collected at least one month before next General Half Yearly Meeting.

Verbatim text

At a General Half Yearly Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held this 13^th day of October 1789 at the George Inn in Stroud
William Battersby Esq^r in the Chair.
The Minutes of the last General Meeting were Read and Confirm'd,
The several Books and Accounts were produced respecting the Affairs of the Company and examined and confirm'd.
It appears by the Accounts that the Sum of £867..6..9½ have been received for Tonnage from the 13^th of April to this day a part of which has been applied towards the Payment of Debts, Wages, etc, etc, there remains with a former Ballance in the Treasurers hands the Sum of £707..7..6½. Ordered that a Dividend of £3..15 be made on each Share to be paid by the Treasurers on the first day of December next and that our Clerk do transmit circular Letters to those Proprietors who are absent from this Meeting to inform them that they may draw upon the Treasurers or apply to them for Payment of the same.
The Committee are desired to take of Survey of M^r Kings Meadow (called Thatchers) at a convenient Season and direct such Satisfaction to be made as they may think proper.
It appearing to this Meeting that a considerable Benefit has arrisen to the Company and the Country from the last Ballance having been laid out in Coals, Resolved unaminously that a Sum not exceeding Five Hundred Pounds be applied to the same prupose and that the Committee do Land a Quantity thereof at Dudbridge preoportionable to the usual Sale at that Place.
Ordered that part of the Money to be laid out in Coals be employed in purchasing Kingswood Coal, at the discretion of the Committee.
Ordered that M^r Benj^n Grazebrooks Barges to and from Glocester and Bristol do pass and repass the Canal till the next Half Yearly Meeting in consideration of his paying Twenty five Pounds for Tonnage and Wharfage during that Time.
Resolved that the Boats carrying Coal and other Merchandize for the Purpose of Trade belonging to the Association of the Thames & Severn Navigation Committee do pass with the usual Checks and that the Tonnage be accounted for at least One Month previous to the General Half Yearly Meeting of the Stroudwater Proprietors.

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