Minutes Wed 24 Oct 1849

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Wed 24 Oct 1849


General Half Yearly Meeting.
Tonnage since 31st March £2905 15s 10d. Profit after wages, etc, £2437 12s 10d. Dividend of £12 declared.
£5 to be given to pay off debts of Building Committee of Stroud National Schools.
Annual subscription of £2 to be made to Stroud Casualty Hospital.

Verbatim text

At a General Half Yearly Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 24th day of October 1849
The Rev^d Frederick Morgan in the Chair.
The Minutes of the last General Half Yearly Meeting were read and confirmed.
The several Books and Accounts were produced as directed by the Act of Parliament and were examined and passed.
It appears that the sum of 2905^£..15^s..10^d has been received for Tonnage, etc, from the 31st day of March last to the 1st day of October 1849 a part of which has been applied towards the payment of Wages Disbursements, etc, and that there remain in the Treasurer's hands after paying the last Dividend the Sum of £2437..12..10.
Ordered that a Dividend of £12 on each Share be declared payable on the 1st day of November next.
A letter from M^r Biddle was read in which he requests that a Donation should be given towards paying off the Debt due from the Building Committee of the Stroud National Schools.
Ordered that the Sum of Five Pounds be given in answer to the said application.
Ordered that an Annual Subscription of Two Guineas be paid by this Company to the Stroud Casualty Hospital.

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