Minutes Wed 24 Apr 1850

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Wed 24 Apr 1850


General Half Yearly Meeting.
Tonnage since 1 October 1849 £3114 9s 8d. After wages, etc, profit £2642 18s 2d. Dividend of £13 declared.
A spot to be agreed for erecting new weir at Ebley by committee members.

Verbatim text

At a General Half Yearly of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 24th day of April 1850
M^r Henry Harris Chairman.
The Minutes of the last General Half yearly meeting were read and confirmed.
The several Books and Accounts were produced as directed by the Act of Parliament and were examined and passed.
It appears that the Sum of 3114^£..9^s..8^d has been received for Tonnage, etc, from the 1st day of October 1849 to the 1st day of April 1850 a part of which has been applied towards the payment of Wages, Disbursements, etc, and that there remains in the Treasurers hands after paying the last Dividend the sum of £2642..18..2.
Ordered that a Dividend of £13..-..- on each Share be declared payable on the 1st day of May next.
Ordered that the Committee for the ensuing year do consist of Nine Members and that the following Gentlemen be elected:
M^r G H A Beard, M^r Will^m Fryer, Fred^k Eycott, Cha^s Hooper, Rich Martin, J H Warman, Hen^y Sikes. C H Fisher, T C Croome.
Ordered that M^r Fryer, M^r Warman & M^r Croome be requested to fix upon the spot for erecting the proposed New Wear near Ebley Mills and to order the excavating & piling where ma be found necessary in the execution of the Works and which is to be excluded from M^r Harrison's estimate of the 2nd April Ins^t.

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