Minutes Wed 19 Jun 1850

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Wed 19 Jun 1850


Committee was unable to provide different terms for Mr Biddle than to other traders at Wallbridge respecting coal deliveries.
Mr Fisher, Chairman, was asked to write to Mr Barlow, engineer of Midland Railway Company, about erecting two gates at bridge at Stonehouse.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 19th day of June 1850
Present: M^r Henry Sikes, M^R Chas H Fisher Chairman, Jn^o H Warman, T C Croome, Geo Hen^r Aug Beard, Cha^s Hooper, Will^m Fryer.
M^r Biddles Application referred in the Resolutions of the last Meeting was considered And it was
Ordered that he be informed that M^r King had claimed an Abatement from the amount charged on Wheat at Wallbridge on the ground that his Wheat was not carried as far as Wallbridge and consequently M^r King had already put his Claim on the footing which M^r Biddle said would induce him at once to abandon his Application.
And as to the application for a reduction of Tonnage on Coals the Committee are unanimously of opinion that it is not in their power to make a difference between himself and other Traders.
Resolved that M^r Hawker do communicate this Resolution to M^r Biddle.
Letters were read from M^r Hawker to M^r Sanders on behalf of the Midland Railway Company and the answer thereto. M^r Fisher as Chairman was requested to write to M^r Barlow the Engineer of the Midland Railway Company to the effect that this Committee considered the erection of Two Gates at the Bridge at Stonehouse which Gates were required for M^r Marling's convenience to be part of the Works requisite for the Completion of the Bridge and that the Railway Company ought therefore to erect them.
Ordered that the following Bills and Accounts be paid:
Price & C^o for Timber: 12^£..18^s..3^d
J Andrews Smith's Work: 4..3..2
Tho^s Gabb Smith's Work: 1..8..-
Rich^d Bushell Smith's Work: -..13..9
Brooks for Poles: 3..1..3
Whittard Mason's Work: 2..-..6
M^r Martin Oak Poles: -..6..6
Eliza Nurse Beer: -..7..-
Peter Price hauling: -..5..-
Tho^s Webb building Stable at Dudbridge & Sundries: 50..-..6
Hen^y Harrison for New Wear at Ebley & Sundries: 44..8..10
N Driver Quarters Sal^y: 17..10..-

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