Minutes Tue 17 Jul 1860

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Tue 17 Jul 1860


Letter from Mr G Nurse. Cargoes of vitriol charged at 8d per ton, entered by him as manure, did not consist of vitriol for trade purposes but only refuse of it to be used for manure. Material in bottles not manure. Allowing charge at lower rate would open door to fraud. Charge at goods rate.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 17^th day of July 1860
Present: M^r J H Warman, M^r C Hawker Chairman, F Eycott, T M Croome, H Harris, C H Fisher, G H A Beard.
A Letter was read from M^r G Nurse explaining that certain cargoes of Vitriol which had been brought up the Canal by him, and charged at 8^d per Ton only, having been entered by him as Manure, did not consist of Vitriol for Trade purposes but only the refuse of it to be used for manure and therefore entered as such the subject was discussed and as it was considered that the material contained in the bottles was not in fact manure, and allowing it to be charged at the lower rate might open a door to fraud,
Resolved that M^r Nurse be informed that his explanations cannot be received and the material must in future be charged at the Goods rate.
Ordered that the next monthly Meeting of the Committee be held on Friday 24^th August on board the Company's Boat at Wallbridge at 1 A,M< to proceed thence to survey the Canal.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
Income Tax: 37^£,,4^s,,10^d
M^r J Elliott Stationery: 10..9..8
D Hoskins Smith's Work: 4..7..4
T Webb Timber: 20..11..6
H Howell Smith's Work: 11..8..4
S & W Harrison Masonry: 7..4..9
J Andrews Smith's Work: 3..12..9
G Perry Timber: 3..5..3
James Brothers Pargesters: 1..4..0

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