Minutes Wed 24 Feb 1864

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Wed 24 Feb 1864


Mr C H Fisher and late Mr Harris had had interview with Mr S S Marling as to pen at the Ryeford of which Messrs. Ford wished to obtain lease. He consented to give up possession on condition of Canal Company erecting for him another pen on their own land below the bridge and making a good road and diverting the present road into his land beyond that point. Messrs. Ford to be granted a 60 year lease at nominal rent of 10s per annum on condition they put in dock wall in continuation of present one up to the bridge, pay part of expense making new pen and road for Mr Marling. Messrs. Warman, Beard, Eycott and Hooper to form sub-committee.
Messrs. Knee, Ward, McWilliams and Alderson, traders on canal, stated that the Bullo coals were now being sold at GWR railway station at 1s 1d per ton less than cost price to traders on canal. They applied for reduction of rates on canal, a very important question.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 24^th day of February 1864
Present: M^r F Eycott, M^r C Hooper Chairman, J H Warman, T M Croome, J^h T Fisher, W W Kearsey, G H A Beard, C H Fisher.
M^r C H Fisher stated that he in conjunction with the late M^r Harris had had an interview with M^r S S Marling as to the Pen at Ryeford of which Mess^rs Ford wished to obtain a Lease and M^r Marling having consented to give up possession of the same on condition of the Canal Company erecting for him another Pen on his own land below the Bridge there and making it accessible be a good road and diverting the present road into his land beyond that point,
Resolved that Mess^rs Ford's request in regard to the said Pen be acceded to and that a 60 years Lease be granted them at the nominal Rent of of 10^s/ per annum on condition that the put in a Dock wall in continuation of the present one up to the Bridge and also agreeing to paying a moiety of the expense of making the new Pen and road for M^r Marling and that Mess^rs Warman Beard Eycott and Hooper form a Sub-Committee to carry out this arrangement and that the Clerk inform Mess^rs Ford that the Sub-Committee will meet at the Ryeford on Friday next the 26^th Ins't at 12 o'clock.
Several Traders upon the Canal attended (Mess^rs Knee Ward, R^d Williams & Aldum) and stated that the Bullo Coals were being sold at the G W Railway Station at 1^s/1^d per Ton less than the cost price to the Traders on the Canal and they applied for a reduction in the rates of Tonnage on the Canal and it being a very important question,
Resolved that this Meeting be adjourned to Saturday the 27 Ins't at 3 o'clock PM to give time to consider the same.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
Income Tax 1 Qr: 29^£..10^s..8^d
J Hewlett Plumber: 2..12..5
S Ford Smith's work: 1..10..0
T Liddiatt Pargester: 0//10//0

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