Minutes Tue 21 Feb 1865

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Tue 21 Feb 1865


Mr Matthew Nathaniel Peyton of Haresfield appointed Clerk at Framilode. Salary £60 per annum and use of house and garden. Mr Peyton to fill spare time as carpenter and on any other duties required of him. Surety of £50. He is not to keep a shop or engage in any other business. Mr Daniel Heaven of Coldthrop Farm, Standish to be surety.
Mr James Webb paid fine of £2 for his captain William Meeham having run his vessel into Hilly Orchard swing bridge before bridge was properly open.
£5 gratuity to Mr Burbridge.
Clerk to give Mrs Bolton notice to quit her house at end of year.
Mr Walkley fined £5 for drawing water before lock gates were shut on 16 February.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 21^st day February 1865
Present: M^r J H Warman, M^r T M Croome, H H Wilton, W W Kearsey, G H A Beard, J T Fisher, C Hooper, C H Fisher.
M^r Mathew Nath^l Peyton of Haresfield having applied for the Situation of Clerk at Framilode and having produced satisfactory testimonials,
Resolved that he be appointed Clerk at Framilode at a Salary of £60 per annum, and use of house and garden, subject to termination by three Calender months notice in writing to be given on either side at any time - the appointment to commence from the 25^th day of March next. M^r Peyton to fill up his spare time as Carpenter, and in any other duties that may be required of him by the Committee - and to find a Surety in the sum of £50 - and he is to devote his whole time to the service of the Company and not to keep a Shop, nor to engage in other business or occupation. M^r Daniel Heaven of Coldthrop Farm Standish to be Surety and the Bond be prepared by the Solicitor of the Company.
M^r James Webb paid Fine £2 for his Captain William Meecham having run his vessel into Hilly Orchard Swing Bridge before the said Bridge was properly opened.
Ordered that £5 be allowed to M^r Burbidge as a Gratuity provided all fixtures and thing be left on the premises at the time he quits Framilode, and that the premises be given up in good order.
Ordered that the Clerk do give M^rs Bolton notice to quit her house at the end of the current year.
Ordered that a Stoppage of the Canal do take place from 9 o.clock on the 1^st of May to 6 o.clock AM on the 11^th day of May.
Ordered that W^m Walkley be find 5^s/ for drawing water before the Lock Gates were shut on February 13^th.
Ordered that Peter Roberts be fined 5^s/ for drawing water before the Lock Gates were shut on the 16^th Ins't.
Bills ordered to be paid: £ s d
W Knee Office Coal due Xmas: 3..15..0
N A Partridge Petty Cash: 2.6..3
J Peyton Timber: 34..7..3
J H Warman Law Expenses: 17..18..5

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