Minutes Tue 5 Jan 1808

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Tue 5 Jan 1808


Further to the agreement between the Company and Mr William Read and Mr Clissold of Ebley for the erection of a bridge for the sole use of William Read, £35 to be paid to Mr William Read.
Mr Clissold to be sent a recognition of the permission granted him by the Company to erect a bridge across the canal near Ebley.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroud water Navigation held at the Committee room at Walbridge on Tuesday the 5^th of January 1808
Present, Samuel Wathen, Rowles Scudamore, Rev^d Jos^h Colborne, Will^m Stanton, Benj^n Grazebrook, Nath^l Jones, Nath^l Wathen.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting. Continued the Orders of the last Meeting.
2. Bridge at Ebley.
The Agreement directed to be made between the Compan, M^r Will^m Read and M^r Clissold of Ebley by the Resolution of the Committeee of the 19^th August 1806 was this day produced by and executed between the Committee and M^r Clissold.
2 Old Mill Bridge
Ordered that the sum of Thirtyfive Pounds be paid to M^r Will^m Read in pursuance of such Agreement on his executing the same.
Bridge at Ebley
M^r Clissold having requested of the Committee a recognition of the permission granted him by the Company to erect a Bridge across the Canal near Ebley, it is hereby acknowledged and our Clerk is ordered to send him a Copy of this Resolution.
Adjourned this Meeting to Tuesday the 16^th of February next at two oClock in the Afternoon at the Committee room at Walbridge and resolved that the business in future be done before Dinner

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