Minutes Wed 15 Jun 1808

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Wed 15 Jun 1808


Annual inspection on board the Company Barge. Repairs to be done to the Navigation be forwarded as quickly as possible.
Thomas Beard’s wages be advanced 2s per week .

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held on Board the Company Barge on Wednesday the 15^th of June 1808
Present, Samuel Wathen, Jos^h Grazebrook, Henry Burgh, Rowles Scudamore, Jn^o Tyers, Will^m Stanton, Benj^n Grazebrook, Tho^s Holbrow.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting Ordered that the Repairs necessary to be done on the Navigation be forwarded as quick as possible. Also that Tho^s Beards Wages be advanced two Shillings per Week
Adjourned this Meeting to Monday the 10^th of October next at 2 o'Clock in the Afternoon at the Committee room at Walbridge.

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