Minutes Tue 21 Jun 1814

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Tue 21 Jun 1814


Special General Meeting.
Resignation of Edward Hains accepted.
Mr George Hawker elected as new Chief Clerk with a salary of £120 per annum free of taxes.
Mr Hawker to give security to the Company Proprietors of £500; John and Charles Hawker named as his securities, this was accepted.
Thanks given to the Committee from the Proprietors for all their attention and interest in the Company.

Verbatim text

At a special General Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the George Inn in Stroud on Tuesday the 21^st of June 1814
Jn^o Snowden Esq^r in the Chair.
Edward Hains having tendered his resignation as chief clerk to the Canal Navigation, Ordered that the same be accepted.
Having proceeded to ballot for a chief clerk in the room of M^r Hains resigned, it appears that M^r Geo Hawker was elected by a considerable majority.
Ordered, that M^r George Hawker be appointed Chief Clerk, and that his salary be One Hundred & Twenty Pounds per annum free of all Taxex.
Ordered, that M^r Geo Hawker give security to the Proprietors to the amount of Five Hundred Pounds, that Jn^o Hawker & Cha^s Hawker being named as his securities, the same being accepted.
Resolved, unanimously, that the thanks of the Proprietors be given to the Committee for their general attention to the Affairs and Interests of the Company.

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