Minutes Wed 19 Mar 1845

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Wed 19 Mar 1845


Subcommittee meeting. Capt Berkeley to lay Memorial before Board of Admiralty. Subcommittee deputation will accompany him if requested.

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At a Meeting of the Sub Committee held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 18th day of March 1845
Present: M^r Geo Wahten, W^m J Wood, Jn^o Gurney
An intimation having been received from Capt Berkeley that he will lay the Memorial before the Board of Admiralty,
Ordered that M^r Sherwood do take the same to Capt Berkeley tomorrow morning with the following note:
The Sub Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation formed for the purpose of watching the South Wales Railway Bill now before Parliament have received an intimation thro' M^r Watts that Capt Berkeley will kindly comply with their request and lay their Memorial before the Lords of the Admiralty; the Sub Committee have now the pleasure of transmitting the same by the hands of their Engineer M^r Sherwood who will be glad to give Capt Berkeley every information in his power on the subject.
Should it be Capt Berkeley's intention personally to present the Memorial, a deputation from the Sub Committee will be happy to accompany Capt Berkeley at any time if he considers such a step necessary or likely to lead to more favorable results.

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