Minutes Tue 27 Apr 1869

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Tue 27 Apr 1869


Joseph Berry and Richard Harris claimed share nos.189,195, will of George Crozier Harris.
Stoppage of the canal to take place on 29 May 10pm until 9 June 6am.
Mr Strachan to be allowed to put up a closed door in the wall between his property and the towpath in order to communicate his dairy with the wharf at a payment of 1s pa.
Mr T Coates, captain of The Caroline, to pay immediately 5s for wilfully drawing and wasting water at the lock at Westfield, or a penalty of 40s will be enforced against him.
Mr.Kearsey to take steps on behalf of the company either by prosecuting the opposition to the Severn & Wye Railway Bill now before Parliament in the name of this company or of the millowners on withdrawing the same on terms which he sees desirable in the interests of the company.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 27^th day of April 1869
Present: M^r T M Croome Chairman, M^r T Marling, W W Kearsey, F S Thornton, S Phipps, J C Hallewell, J T Fisher, G H A Beard, C H Fisher.
The various Accounts Books & Vouchers signed by M^r W Coley the Auditor and certified to be correct were produced examined and passed.
The Treasurers book was produced examined and signed.
M^r W W Kearsey of Stroud in the County of Gloucester attended on behalf of M^r Joseph Berry of Manchester, & M^r Richard Donald Harris of Kingston upon Thames, in the County of Surrey, Surveyor, Executors under the Will of the late George Crozier Harris, formerly of Preston in the County of Lancaster, Gentleman, who died at Manchester on the 12^th day of February last, & made out the Claim of the said Executors to 2 Shares, numbered respectively 189 & 195 in the Undertaking of the Stroudwater Navigation, lately belonging to, and now standing in, the name of the said G C Harris deceased, bearing date of 17^th day of March 1858, which with a Codicil thereto bearing date the 12^th day of January 1867 were proved in the Prinicipal Registry of her Majesty's Court of Probate by the said Executors on the 17^th day of April 1869 and also by producing a written authority of the said Executors, & also the Tickets or Titles to the said 2 Shares, and the Claim was admitted accordingly & new Tickets ordered to be made out to the said Executors.
Ordered that a Stoppage of this Canal do take place on Saturday May 29^th at 10 o'clock PM & terminate on Wednesday June 9&th at 6 O'clock AM.
Resolved that M^r Strachan be allowed to put up a closed door in the Wall between his property and the towing path of the Canal so as to communicate with the Wharf on his doing the same to the satisfaction of the Company's Surveyor & on his paying 1^s/ per annum as an acknowledgement that the door is only permissive & on his allowing the Company to build buttresses on his land to support the Wall.
Resolved that T Coates of PaganHill Captain of the Caroline be informed that unless he pays immmediatel 5^s/ for willfully drawing & wasting water at the Locks at Westfield on the 17^th of April And the Penalty of 40^s/ will be enforced against him.
Resolved that M^R Kearsey our Solicitor take such steps on behalf of the Company either by prosecuting the opposition to the Severn & Wye Railway Bill now before Parliamnet in the name of this Company or of the Millowners or withdrawing the same on terms as he may think desirable for the interests of this Company.
Ordered that M^r Ward be allowed £2..17..0 off his account.

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