Minutes Wed 26 Apr 1871

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Wed 26 Apr 1871


Charles Holbrow Stanton claimed share nos.8,43,44,96,175, will of Mary Holbrow.
Mr C Hooper of Eastington to be charged 2s 6d for the use of the towing path from Bonds Mill bridge to the lower gate commencing from last March.
After 24 June no barge to be allowed to be worked with less than 3 able hands or the penalty incurred under the Bye Law No.5 be strictly enforced, such a penalty being £5.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 26^th day of April 1871
Present: M^r F S Thornton, G H A Beard Chairman, S Phipps, T Marling, J C Hallewell, J T Fisher, T M Croome.
The various accounts Books and vouchers signed by M^r W Coley the Auditor and certified to be correct were produced examined and passed.
The Treasurers book was produced examined and signed.
M^r N A Partridge of Wallbridge in the Parish of Painswick in the County of Gloucester Clerk to the Stroudwater Navigation attended on behalf of Charles Holbrow Stanton of 1 Mitre Court Buildings London Esquire sole Executor under the Will of Mary Holbrow formerly of Stroud in the County of Gloucester but late of N^o 9 Promenade in the Parish of Cheltenham in the said County Spinster deceased and made out the Claim of the said C H Stanton to five Shares numbered respectively 8, 43, 44, 96 & 175 of the Undertaking of the Stroudwater Navigation and now standing in the name of the said Mary Holbrow deceased in the books of the said Company of Proprietors by producing the Probate of the Will of the said M Holbrow deceased bearing date the twentieth day of September 1865 and was proved in the District Registry of her Majesty's Court of Probate at Gloucester on the 29^th day of September 1870 and also by producing the Tickets or titles of the said Shares and the Claim was admitted accordingly and new Tickets ordered to be made out.
Resolved that M^r C Hooper of Eastington be charge 2^s/6^d for the use of the Towing Path from Bonds Mill Bridge to the lower cate commencing from the 25^th March last.
Ordered that after the 24^th June next no barges be allowed to be worked with less than 3 able hands or the Penalty incurred under the Bye Law No 5 be strictly enforced such Penalty being £5.

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