Minutes Thu 26 Apr 1877

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Thu 26 Apr 1877


J Davies, captain of the boat Serapis, on the 13 April 1877, drew up the paddles of the Junction Lock thereby wasting water. Fined 10s.
A letter was read from Mr J H Taunton, Thames and Severn Canal Co regarding need to discuss tolls of goods moving above Wallbridge. Reply given to letter stating that other matters need to be discussed as well as the tolls.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Thursday the 26^th day of April 1877 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: G H A Beard Chairman, Mr J T Stanton, Mr J T Fisher, Mr E C Little, Mr T Marling, Major Fisher, Mr T M Croome, Mr S Phipps, Mr C H Hooper.
The various accounts, books and vouchers signed by Mr Frederick. Sturge the Auditor and certified to be correct, were produced, examined and passed.
The Treasurer's book was produced, examined and signed.
[18] The Clerk reported that J Davies, captain of the boat "Serapis" did on the 13^th day of April 1877, willfully draw up the paddles of the Junction lock thereby wasting the water. Ordered that he pay a fined 10/- (without prejudice) or the full penalty to be enforced.
Thames & Severn Navigation Co.
A letter was read from Mr J H Taunton to the following effect (viz):
Thames & Severn Canal Navigation
Brimscombe Port, Stroud
March 21^st 1877
Mr W J Snape
Dear Sir,
I am instructed by my Committee to call the attention of the Committee of Management of the Stroudwater Navigation to the injury resulting to the General Trade from the high tonnage rate of 1/- charged in many instances (as on stone, timber and sundries) on cargoes passing the Stroud water Navigation proceeding into or from the Thames & Severn Navigation in this District.
I am to point out that so high a charge (more than 1½ per ton per mile) cannot be maintained against Railway competition -- that it is indeed a perhibtory ---charge--- toll which at the present time alone prevents the establishment of a large trade on the Navigations between Gloucester, Bristol, etc, and the Stroud Valley.
It is besides evident from recent decisions such as that of the Railway and Canal Commissioners published in the Times of the 10^th inst in the case of the Traders of the Kennet and Avon Canal and the Great Western Railway Company that the charge is unreasonable and out of date, as well as being open to the objection of being "ultra vires" as pointed out to your Committee in previous communications.
I am directed to invite the attention of your Committee to this matter and to say that my Company will be glad to join the Stroudwater Company in the adoption of such moderate through tolls for this District as are suitable and just (based of course on existing agreements) and to suggest a meeting of the two Committees to settle the amount of such tolls and their apportionment between the two companies respectively. Waiting the favour of an early reply,
I remain, your obedient Servant,
John H Taunton.
The following reply was given to the above letter:
Stroudwater Navigation
Wallbridge nr Stroud April 28^th 1877
In reply to your letter of the 21^st March last, which I laid before my Committee on the 26^th inst, I am instructed to say that they will be happy to meet your Committee with a view to rearranging tonnages and the equitable division thereof between the two Company's, but as the tonnages you mention are only incidents of the larger question my Committee would be indisposed to consider those unless that wider question be gone into at the same time.
I am Sir,
Your obedient Servant
W^m James Snape.
J H Taunton Esq.
Brimscombe Port

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