Minutes Thu 18 Sep 1879

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Thu 18 Sep 1879


Mr Barnard of Dudbridge to be charged the sum of 6d p.a. on 29 September each year for the privilege of having the gates he erected on the road to his property over the Company’s land, on the undertaking that he remove the gates and anything else placed across the road whenever required.
A Special Meeting to be held on Tuesday 30 September to discuss the letter received by Mr Marling from Mr Potter of the Thames & Severn Canal Co relating to Traffic.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting at Wallbridge on Thursday the 18^th day of September 1879 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr G H A Beard Chairman, Mr J T Stanton, Mr T Marling, Mr S Phipps, Mr T M Croome, Mr J T Fisher.
[45] Ordered that the General Half yearly Meeting be held on Thursday the 23^rd day of October 1879 @ 4,o,clock pm.
[51] Mr Barnard of Dudbridge applied to the Committee in reference to the Road to his property over the Company's land and it appearing he had erected gates on the Company's land and the Committee desiring not to inconvenience him,
It was resolved that the gated be allowed to remain on his paying 6^d per annum for the privilege on each 29^th September, and undertaking to remove the gates and everything else placed across the road whenever required by the Committee to do so.
[512] The Chairman placed before the Committee a letter received from Mr Potter stating that the Committee of the T&S Canal Co wished to meet the Committee of the Stroudwater Canal Co to discuss matters relating to the Traffic, etc, & it was Resolved that a Special Meeting be called for Tuesday the 30^th inst and the Clerk was instructed to issue the usual notices.
Cheques drawn: £ s d
W^m James Snape: 37..10..0
M N Peyton: 10..8..0
[Total] £47..18..0

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