Minutes Tue 21 Jun 1881

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Tue 21 Jun 1881


Mr Hooper allowed to put in a 3 inch pipe (instead of existing 2 inch pipe) to take water from the Canal to Bond’s Mill, subject to a payment of £2 p.a. from the first quarter day after the new pipe is installed and subject to six months’ notice by either party.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 21^st day of June 1881 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr G H A Beard Chairman, Mr H H Mills, Mr C H Hooper, Mr John Howard, Mr J T Stanton, Mr E C Little, Mr W H Marling.
[51] Mr C H Hooper applied for permission to have a three inch pipe (instead of the 2 inch pipe at present in use) to convey water from the Canal to his Engine boiler at Bonds Mill.
Ordered that the said permission be granted on payment of £2 per annum to commence from the first quarter day after the said pipe is put in.
The same to be subject to six months notice by either party at any time.
Cheques drawn: £ s d
W^m James Snape: 37..10..0
M N Peyton: 10..8..0
J Pead "Canal Association": 3..3..0
[Total] £57..1..0

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