Minutes Tue 15 Nov 1881

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Tue 15 Nov 1881


The Stroud Gas Light & Coke Company’s issue was adjourned to enable more information to be gathered. Clerk to see Mr Withey re the ashing of the towing path for the length of the pipes from Dudbridge to the Nutshell Bridge, Stonehouse; also the path under Ebley Bridge is in a dangerous state owing to the gas pipe being laid above the surface; also the coping stones require raising.
A new fence to be erected on the Company’s land beside the Bristol Road wharf.
Clerk see Mr Hadley, timber merchant of Cambridge, to make an arrangement on the packing of the swing bridge so that it will take the weight of the timber which Mr Hadley has purchased from the vicar of Framilode.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 15^th day of November 1881 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr G H A Beard Chairman, Mr H H Mills, Mr J T Stanton, Mr C H Hooper, Major Fisher, Mr E F Gyde, Mr T M Croome, Mr W H Marling, Mr E C Little, Mr J Howard.
[Claim of Samuel Clayfield, Hezekiah Brit and John Ryland Yates to 15 shares under will of Maria Franklin struck through in red with the words "Claimed on the 6^th December 1881"]
[36]The Stroud Gas Co's question respecting the rent to be charged for laying pipes along the Towing path was again brought forward, but was adjourned to enable Mr Croome to get some further information respecting the sums previously paid.
The Clerk was instructed to see Mr Withy as to the asking of the Towing path for the length the pipes are laid (viz) form Dudbridge to Nutshell Bridge Stonehouse, and also call his attention to the path under Ebley Bridge which is in a dangerous state owing to the gas pipe being above the surface. The coping stones also require raising.
[19] The Clerk read a letter received from Mr Vizard, Clerk to the Wheatenhurst Highway Board, calling attention to the state of the fence standing on the Cos land beside the Bristol Road Wharf, and asking for a new one to be erected.
Ordered that the same be done.
[4] The Clerk read a letter received from Mr S Hadley TImber Merchant of Cambridge nr Stonehouse stating that he had purchased some Elm trees of the vicar of Framilode and intended to take the same over the Swing Bridge, but as he considered the bridge not strong enough to carry the weight, he should hold the Canal Co responsible for any damage that might occur from going over the same.
The Clerk was instructed to see Mr Hadley and come to some arrangement with him as to the packing of the Bridge, and do anything he considered necessary for the safety of the same.

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