Minutes Tue 28 Nov 1882

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Tue 28 Nov 1882


Copy of letter of 18 November 1882 from Mr Waddy of the Sharpness New Docks and Gloucester & Birmingham Navigation Co to the effect that the Severn Commissioners and the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal Company do not wish to join in putting forward a Bill for taking over the maintenance and management of the T&S Canal. Two members of each Navigation’s governing body invited to attend meeting on the 24 November.
Report from Meeting of The Allied Navigations on 24 November.
Resolutions passed with respect to this report.
Instructions for the inspection of the Culvert under the canal at Saul following complaint by Clerk of Rural Sanatory Authority of Wheatenhurst Union.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 28^th day of November 1882 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr H H Mills, Mr Jno Howard, Mr E C Little, Mr W H Marling.
[52] Thames and Severn Canal.
Copy of letter received from Sharpness New Docks and Gloucester & Birmingham Navigation Company:
Canal office, Gloucester
18^th November 1882.
Dear Sir,
Thames & Severn Canal
In consequence of the inability of the Severn Commissioners and the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal Company to join in the promotion in the ensuing Session of a Bill for taking over the maintenance and management of this Canal it seems probable that such application will not be persisted in.
But it is nevertheless desirable that the object sought to be attained by the proposed Bill should not be lost sight of and that in this view a meeting of the allied Navigations should be called to consider in what way they maybe best served.
The matter has be discussed by my Directors who suggest that an early Meeting should be called at which the attendance of two of the Governing body of each Navigation as well as of their officers should be invited.
A Meeting will therefore be held at this office on Friday next the 24^th inst at 1/4 past one at which it is hoped your Company will be represented.
Yours truly
Henry Waddy
Mr W J Snape
At a Meeting of the Allied Navigations held at the Canal office in Gloucester on Friday the 24^th Nov 1882.
Mr Stanton in the Chair, Mr Ellis, Mr Clegram, Mr Riddiford, representing the Sharpness Docks, etc, Co.
Mr Snape,. Mr Mills, representing the Stroudwater Navigation Company.
Mr Martin, Mr Southall, representing the Severn Commissioners.
1. It was Resolved, Thar it is not desirable to proceed with the application to Parliament in the next Session in accordance with the notice given.
2. That the Severn Commissioners, Sharpness New Docks Co, Staffordshire Canal Co, Stroudwater Navigation Co, Wilts & Berks Canal Co, Birmingham Canal Navigations be invited to appoint two members each of their respective bodies to form together a Committee to consider the best means of getting the Thames and Severn Canal put into an efficient condition and such arrangement made with regard to tolls and otherwise as will meet the necessities of the Trade.
3. That in the meantime Mr Clegram, Mr Marten and Mr Snape be requested to draw up a report for the consideration of the above Committee setting forth, with sufficient particularity, the grounds of complaint, as to state management of the Canal and the Tolls thereon, and the measures they consider essential to secure the full efficiency of the Canal.
4. That a copy of these resolutions be sent to each Navigation.
5. That Mr Waddy be requested to press for a reply to his last communication to Mr Taunton of 11^th October last.
A J Stanton
Gloucester 24^th Nov 1882.
[57] Proposed by Mr Marling and seconded by Mr Howard that Mr Mills and Mr Little "pro Tem" be appointed to represent this Company at any Meeting or Meetings of the Allied Navigations, in accordance with the resolution passed at the Meeting held at Gloucester on the 24^th inst.
[57] The Clerk having been appointed with Mr Clegram and Mr Marten to draw up a report as to the state, etc, of the Thames & Severn Canal for the consideration of the Committee of the Allied Navigations; He was instructed to attend any Meeting or Meetings called by Mr Clegram for that purpose.
[11] The Clerk placed before the Committee a letter received from Mr Spire, Clerk to the Rural Sanatory Authority, Wheatenhurst Union stating that the Culvert under the Canal at Saul was insufficient to take the drainage of the water under the Stroud Canal into the River Frome, and that the same be examined.
The Clerk was instructed to see Mr O Cam of Saul (who is authorized to attend such examination) and make arrangements for the Culvert to be examined, and also further instructed to have the same cleaned out and any small repairs done; but if the Culvert is very much out of order a report to be made to the Committee for further instructions.

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