Minutes Tue 15 Dec 1891

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Tue 15 Dec 1891


Alice Mary Hall claimed share no.197, will of Richard John Edwards.
Clerk to write to Mr Colchester Weymss, Chairman of Highway Committee of County Council, respecting catch pits.
Sub-committee to consider revised classification of merchandise traffic and revised schedule of maximum rates, tolls, charges and dues under Railway and Canal Traffic Act 1888. Toll on bricks, sand and ashes increased to 6d per ton.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 15^th day of December 1891 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr H H Mills, Mr Jno Howard, Mr C H Hooper, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr A J M Ball.
Henry Hamilton Mills of Stroud in the County of Gloucester Solicitor attended for and on behalf of and under a written Authority from Alice Mary Hall of No 91 The Grove Stratford in the County of Essex Spinster being the administration of the present estate of Richard John Edwards late of No 91 The Grove Stratford in the County of Essex and of 66 Lower Thames Street in the City of London Esquire deceased (who died on the 12^th day of February 1891) and who at the time of his death had one share numbered 197 in the Undertaking of the Stroudwater Navigation, and made out her claim to the said one share now standing in the name of the said Richard John Edwards deceased in the Books of the Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation by the production of Letters of Administration granted to the said Alice Mary Hall out of the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice on the 28^th day of November 1891, also the ticket of title to the said one share.
And the claim was admitted accordingly and a new ticket or title ordered to be made out.
Sir William Marling informed the Committee that he had written to the County Surveyor (Mr Phillips) respecting the catch pits and handed in Mr Phillips' reply, after reading which it was resolved that the Clerk be directed to write Mr Colchester Wemyss as Chairman of the Highway Committee of the County Council requesting him to bring the matter before his Committee at their next meeting.
It was ordered that the Towing path of the Canal be closed to the public on Monday the 8^th February next and 4 following days in Sections as proposed by the Clerk--1892,
A sub-committee consisting of the Chairman, Sir William Marling, Mr C H Hooper, and Mr Hamilton Mills was appointed to consider the revised classification of Merchandise traffic and a revised schedule of maximum rates tolls charges and dues under the Railway and Canal Traffic Act 1888, to be submitted to the Board of Trade not later than 10^th February 1892.
It was proposed by the Chairman and resolved that the toll on bricks, sand and ashes be increased from 1^st Jany 1892 to 6^d per ton.
1891 Cheques drawn: £ s d
Decr 15 Stroud Hospital: 2..2..0
Decr 22: W^m James Snape: 37..10..0
Decr 22 W^m Fredericks: 6..10..0
[Total] £46..2..0

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