Minutes Tue 21 Jun 1892

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Tue 21 Jun 1892


Annual canal inspection by Chairman, Sir W H Marling and Mr C H Hooper.
Wallbridge: exterior of Ship Inn wanted colouring and windows painted.
Lower Double Lock bottom gates needed substantial repair.
Bristol Road Lock repairs approved. Alteration in staircase in house occupied by Mr E Harris at Bristol Road Wharf.
Property on entire route carefully attended to.
Mr Field paid 9s for drawing water to raise boat.
Mr Sturge, auditor, had died.
Water of Stroud Water Co to be laid in house at Eastington coal wharf and at lock keeper’s house.
Dr Heard of Stonehouse asked permission for boys to bathe in canal near the railway bridge of the Stonehouse & Nailsworth Railway. Same conditions as granted to Mr Sibly.
Mr Hamilton Mills to advise on water supply to Ship Inn, Wallbridge, and on putting on a cistern with ball tap as required by Stroud Local Board of Health.
£12 estimate for colouring and painting exterior at Wallbridge, and £4 for Dudbridge Wharf House, accepted.
Canal to be closed on 4 July to allow repairs to top gates and examination of stop gate at Framilode.
Boatbuilder to repair mud boat, house and ice boat.
£2 3s charged for damage to towing path door at Wallbridge by barge, A Meadows, Captain.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on the 21^st day of June 1892 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr E C Little Chairman, Mr C H Hooper, Mr W J Stanton, Mr W^m Davies, Mr E P Little, Mr John Howard, Mr E F Gyde, Sir W H Marling Bart.
The Canal Inspection having taken place on Monday the 20^th May as determined at the last Meeting the following report by the members of the inspection Committee was read,
Canal Inspection
The Annual Inspection of the Canal was made on the 30^th May bey the Chairman, Sir W H Marling Bart and Mr C H Hooper as resolved at the Monthly Meeting held on the 17^th May instant.
The only matters that seemed to them to require special notice are the following:
The exterior of the Ship Inn at Wallbridge wanted colouring and the windows, etc, painted.
The Bottom Gates of the Lower Double Lock appeared upon examination to need substantial repair, and would probably require attention nest year.
The Stores and premises at Eastington were carefully inspected and appeared in satisfactory order.
The repairs executed in the Bristol Road Lock were carefully inspected and met with the entire approval of the Inspecting Committee.
In the house occupied by Mr E Harris at Bristol Road wharf, an alteration to the Staircase was much needed and this was recommended to be done.
The Property at Framilode as well as the Lock, Pill and Stop Gate were inspected.
The Property generally through the entire route appeared to be carefully attended to and to merit the approval of the Committee.
The Clerk reported that Mr Field had paid the 9/- charged him at the last meeting for drawing the water of the Canal.
Mr Sturge the Auditor of the Canal Accounts having died on the 29^th inst it was resolved that the appointment of his successor be considered at the next meeting.
The water of the Stroud Water Co was ordered to be laid on to the house at the Eastington Coal Wharf and also at the Lock keepers house.
D^r Hured of Stonehouse having asked permission for Boys to be allowed to bathe in the Canal near the Railway Bridge of the Stonehouse & Nailsworth Railway on the same conditions as Mr Sibly was granted a like permission, the matter was left in the hands of Mr Hamilton Mills to advise.
It was also left to him to advise upon the water supply to the Ship Inn, Wallbridge, and the putting in a Cistern with ball tap, etc, as required by the Stroud Local Board of Health.
The estimate for Colouring & painting exterior of this Inn as advised in the Canal Inspection report at an expense of £12 was accepted & the like at Dudbridge Wharf House at the cost of £4.
To enable the Top Gates at Framilode to be repaired & an examination of the Stop Gate there, the Framilode Lock was ordered to be closed on Monday the 4^th July and directions were now given to the Clerk to inform the Board of Trade under Sec No 39 clause 4 of the Railway & Canal Traffic Act of 1888 of Such Stoppage.
Permission was given to the Clerk to engage a boatbuilder to repair the mud boat, house and Ice boat.
For the damage done to the Towing Path door at Wallbridge by the Barge which A Meadows was Captain £2..3..0 (or one half of the Cost of repair) was ordered to be charged to him.
Cheques drawn:
W^ James Snape: 37..10..0
W^m Fredericks~ 6..10..0
[Total] £44..0..0

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