Minutes Tue 20 Jun 1893

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Tue 20 Jun 1893


Stable at Wallbridge let to Mr Charles Lambert at £3 p.a.
Annual inspection of canal identified: Piling needed on canal bank at Lodgemore Mill and near Oil Mill, Ebley; replanking and other repairs at Spring Bridge near Gas Works; drain across towing path; repairs needed to bottom gates at the Double Locks; banks of canal not trimmed at Framilode.
Alterations to fireplace and kitchen floor in canal house at Eastington approved.
Improvements in house at Bristol Road occupied by E Harris approved. Papering and painting of sitting room at cost of 30s approved.
Messrs Buckler & Co intended to give up tenancy of upper floor of Wallbridge warehouse on 26 July.
Clerk to discuss application from Messrs Strachan & Co of Lodgemore Mills for supply of 10,000 gallons of water per diem in summer months from canal to their reservoir.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 10^th day of June 1893 @ 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr E P Little, Mr H H Mills Solicitor, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr John Howard, Mr W J Stanton.
A new agreement was ordered to be prepared for the tenancy of the Stable at Wallbridge which has now been let from 24^th June to Mr Charles Lambert in place of the late James Webb at the same Rental of three pounds per annum.
The following Report of the members of the Committee who made the Annual Survey on June 5^th was read and approved:
The Inspection of the Canal was made as arranged at the last Committee Meeting on the 5^th June by the Chairman accompanied by Mr Snape to Bond's Mill and thence with Mr Hooper to Framilode.
Attention was directed by Mr Snape to some piling on the Canal Bank near Lodgemore Mil and again at Ebley near the Oil Mill, also to the re-planking with other repairs to the Swing Bridge near the Gas Works and to the drain put across the Towing Path for which that Company had agreed to pay 2/6 a year, as well as to the state of the Bottom Gates at the Double Locks which would have to be replaced with new ones next year and for which provision should be made this year.
The Stores and Canal Yard Eastington were examined, and the Tenant of the Canal House having applied for some alterations to a fire place and Kitchen floor the application was to a partial extent approved and Mr Snape was instructed to have what was necessary done to the fireplace.
The improvements to the house at Bristol Road occupied by E Harris & for which orders were given upon the last Inspection were seen and approved of.
The papering and painting of the sitting room were now asked for and appearing necessary were ordered to be done the estimated cost being 30/-.
Proceeding onwards to Framilode and examining the property of the Proprietors on the Canal all seemed in satisfactory order as indeed may be said of the Canal and Property generally from end to end with perhaps the exception of the Banks of the Canal which had not been trimmed as is usually the case previous to the Inspection.
The Swing Bridges throughout require painting.
The refusal of the application of the Company' Clerk by the Stroud Local Board to extend their main for the purpose of supplying water to the Ship Inn Wallbridge was discussed, and the Solicitor of the Company was requested to draft a ;letter to be sent by the Clerk to the Local Government Board representing the Company's view on the matter.
The Clerk laid before the Committee a communication from Messrs Buckler & Co stating that their intention to give up the tenancy of the Upper floor of the Wallbridge Warehouse on the 26^th July. It appearing that there was no written Agreement and this notice being insufficient, the Clerk was directed to endeavour to find a new tenant, and in the meantime a reply to Messrs Buckler & Co was ordered to stand over till the next Meeting of the Committee.
An application from Messrs Strahen & Co Lodgemore Mills for the supply of 100,000 gallons of Water (more or less) per diem, in the Summer Months, from the Canal to their Reservoir was discussed. The Clerk was directed to see the firm and ascertain whether any arrangement could be come to to meet their views, which would take only from the volume of water now surplus to the requirements of the Canal.

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