Minutes Tue 23 Apr 1895

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Tue 23 Apr 1895


General Half Yearly Meeting. Tonnage since 1 October 1894 £806 19s 4d. After wages, etc, profit £305 9s 4d. Dividend of £1 5s declared.

Verbatim text

At a General Half-yearly Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation was held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 23^rd day of April 1895 @ 3.30pm
Mr E C Little Chairman.
The Minutes of the Committee since the last General Meeting were approved and confirmed.
It appears that the sum of £806..19..4 has been received from the 1^st day of October 1894 to the 1^st day of April 1895, and a balance brought forward of £7..2..3 from last Half-year (after payment of Dividend) making a total of £814..1..7 of which sum £508..12..3 has been applied towards payment of Wages disbursements, etc (including a sum of £70..1..9 being quarter of a years tonnage paid to the T&S Canal Co) and there remains in the hands of the Treasurer the sum of £305..9..4 available for Dividend.
Ordered that a Dividend of £1..5..0 on each share be declared payable on the 1^st day of May next free of Income Tax, carrying forward a balance of £55..9..4 to the next Half-years account.
The sum of £472..7..11 in the hands of the Treasurer stands to the Credit of the Reserve Fund.
Resolved that the following Gentlemen form the Committee for the year next following or until another Committee be appointed:
Mr E C Little, Major C H Fisher, Mr H Hamilton Mills, Mr A J M Ball, Mr C H Hooper, Mr S S Marling, Mr W^m Davies, Mr A B Hooper, Sir W H Marling, Mr E P Little, Mr W J Stanton.

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