Minutes Tue 19 May 1896

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Tue 19 May 1896


Need for new mud boat. Clerk to enquire into cost of iron and steel knees, and requisite timbers.
Clerk to see Mr Rowe on question of tolls.
Mr Harper of Dudbridge refused to pay usual annual charge, 2s 6d, for water used from canal. Clerk to make another application before putting matter in hands of Company’s solicitor.
Chairman Mr E C Little wished to be released from Chairmanship. Removal from neighbourhood. Wish of Committee for early return to Stroud to resume his post.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 19^th May 1896 at 3,o,clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr W Davies,, Mr H H Mills Solicitor, Mr E P Little, Mr W J Stanton, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr A J M Ball, Major Fisher, Mr A B Hooper.
The matter of payment by the Stroud Gas C^o for their mains laid under the Canal Towing Path was again mentioned, and it appearing that the Company is prepared to pay the full Rental authorised by Act of Parliament viz £5 per mile, it was understood that the members of the Board of the Gas C^o on this Committee would direct the Manager to call on Mr Snape to settle details as to distances, etc.
Mr Snape reported the early necessity of providing a new Mud Boat, and was instructed to enquire the cost of Iron or Steel "Knees" - and the required timbers, and report to the Committee.
A question of tolls having been raised in a correspondence with Messrs Wood & Rowe, affecting the continuance of their trade on the Canal, the Clerk was directed to see Mr Rowe and learn clearly his views.
Mr Harper of Dudbridge was reported as refusing to pay the usual annual charge - two and sixpence - for the water he uses from the Canal. The Clerk was instructed to make another application before the matter should be placed in the hands of the Company's Solicitor.
The following accounts were submitted by the Clerk, and ordered to be paid, and cheques were drawn accordingly:
Messrs Kemble & Dash: 5,..0..0
Messrs Vizard & Son: 1..14.1.0
Carried forward: 6..14..10

Brought forward: 6..14..0
James Smart: 6..7..6
Messrs Buggins & C^o: 2..6..3
Messrs Price Walker & C^o: 11..18..3
Messrs Stinger Bros: 13..14..9
[Total] 41..1..7
A letter addressed to the Clerk by the Chairman Mr E C Little was read, expressing his wish to be relieved of the Chairmanship on account of his removal from the neighbourhood. The Chairman of the meeting (Mr Hooper) was requested to reply & to convey to Mr Little the hope of the Committee that should he contemplate an early return to Stroud he may resume his post.

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