Minutes Tue 17 Dec 1901

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Tue 17 Dec 1901


Committee Room to be painted and papered. Cost not to exceed £4 10s. Floor to be covered with linoleum.
£150 due to Gloucestershire County Council under Thames & Severn Canal Act.
Dudbridge Wharf damaged by traction engine employed to haul stone for County Council. Letter to Mr Phillips, County Surveyor, requesting him to make good the damage.
Enquiry from London Chamber of Commerce if Company prepared to join a Canal Trade section of Chamber. Company favourable to proposal.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 17^th day of December 1901 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr H Hamilton Mills Chairman, Mr A B Hooper, Mr E P Little, Mr F A Little, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr W Davies, Mr W J Stanton.
[Committee Room] The Clerk was authorised to have the Committee Room papered and painted at a cost not exceeding £12..0..0 and also to have the floor of the room covered with linoleum.
[T&S £150] The Thames and Severn Accounts for the year ending the 30^th September 1901 were read and the payment of £150 being the sum due from the Company under the Thames and Severn Canal Act for that year was authorised to be made to the Gloucestershire County Council.
[Dudbridge Wf Damaged] The Clerk reported that Dudbridge Wharf had been damaged by the Traction Engine employed to haul stone for the County Council and he was directed to write to Mr Phillips the County Surveyor requesting him to make good the damage.
[Ch of Committee] A letter dated the 26^th November 1901 was read from the London Chamber of Commerce enquiring if the Company would be prepared to join a Canal Trade Section of the Chamber, and the Clerk was directed to reply that the Company would view the proposal favourably.
Cheques drawn:
Gloucestershire County Council: 150..0..0
Stroud General Hospital: 2..2..0
Vizard Wenden & Son: £1..12..5
J Buggins & C^o: 4..2..0
W J Snape: 37..10..0
W Fredericks: 6..10..0
[Total] £201..16..5

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