Minutes Wed 12 Nov 1902

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Wed 12 Nov 1902


Dr Steedman of Stonehouse to continue to pay Company 1s 6d per week for stabling his horse at Dudbridge Wharf.
Letter from Clerk to County Surveyor, Mr Phillips, as to Bristol Road catch pits.
Damage to canal bank near Stonehouse Court by Mr Chandler’s pigs.
Stroud Rural District Council wanted to put in ventilating pipe in connexion with Cainscross Sewerage on shed of Canal Company at Dudbridge.
County Council contribute £6 p.a. to Gloucester Harbour Board as they control Thames & Severn Canal.
Nuisance at Mr Mortimer’s timber yard at Ebley. Trespass on canal.
Repainting of top rails of bridges over canal in interests of public before winter. Trial of luminous paint.

Verbatim text

[1902 Nov] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 18^th day of November 1902 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr H H Mills, Mr W Davies, Mr A B Hooper, Mr W J Stanton, Mr P J Evans, Mr F A Little, Mr E P Little.
[Dudbridge Stable etc (Dr Steedman)] The Clerk reported having placed notices on the Canal, of the Stable & Offices at Dudbridge Wharf being 'to let' and that he had ascertained the willingness of D^r Steedman of Stonehouse, to continue the payment to the Company of the 1^s/6^d per week he had hitherto paid the late tenant for the convenience of stabling his horse daily. This was sanctioned, subject to any tenants requiring the stable who might take the premises.
[Bris Road Silt] The Chairman reported having written the County Surveyor (Mr Phillips) as to the 'Bristol Road' catch pits, and read his reply, promising early attention.
[Canal bank Stonehouse] The Clerk reported some damage to the Canal Bank near 'Stonehouse Court' by Mr Chandler's pigs, who had promised his attention to making it good.
[SRDC Sewerage Ventilating pipes Dudbridge] A letter to the Company, date November 16^th' from the Stroud Rural District Council was read, stating the wish of the Council 'to put in a 6^in ventilating pipe', on the shed of the Canal Company at Dudbridge. It was arranged that the Chairman and the Clerk should inspect the spot, and if they saw their way to sanction this, to do so only subject to removal at a months notice at any time, if not, to report to the next Meeting of the Committee.
[G Harb Board Co Council] A letter from the Clerk of the County Council to Mr Evans was read, explaining that the Council are contributors to the Gloucester Harbour Board of £6 per annum in virtue of their control of the Thames and Severn Canal.
[Nuisance Ebley Saw Mills] The Clerk having reported a nuisance at Mr Mortimer's timber yard at Ebley, which is a trespass on the Canal, he was instructed to communicate with Mr Mortimer with view to its abatement.
[Bridge painting 'luminous'] Mr A B Hooper mentioned the repainting of the top-rails of Bridges over the Canal, in the interests of the public, before winter, and it was agreed to make a trial of 'luminous paint' for the purpose.

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