Minutes Tue 19 May 1903

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Tue 19 May 1903


Messrs Peake & Co of Cambridge declined to pay for damage to Eastington Bridge by their timber wagon. Construction of bridge dangerous to traffic. No action for recovery as amount smaller than worth legal expense.
Leave granted to Stroud Laundry Co. to take water from canal at Ebley. 1 inch pipe for 20s p.a.
Messrs Strachan had opened a gateway upon towing path at Lodgemoor from one of their cottages. 2s 6d p.a. to be paid to Company.
Quotation by Great Western Railway Co 1s per foot for old broad gauge rails delivered at Chalford. Clerk to order 6 or what he might require.
New lifting-jack and a wood boring machine sanctioned. 50s and 30s.
Painting of two bridges with ‘Gays paint’. Two coats, including labour, £1 3s 0d.
Rt. Hon. Sir J E Dorington elected President of Canal Association. Mr Southall, Severn Commission, Chairman of Committee.

Verbatim text

[1903 May] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 19^th day of May 1903 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr H Hamilton Mills Vice-Chairman, Mr A J M Ball, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr A B Hooper, Mr F A Little, Mr P J Evans, Mr S S Marling, Mr W Davies
In attendance Mr Whittingham, Solicitor.
[Claim against Peake & C^o] The Committee considered a letter from Messrs Peake & C^o of Cambridge definitely declining to pay for the damage done to Eastington Bridge by their timber waggons, on the plea that the construction of the bridge is dangerous to traffic. It was decided that the Solicitor draw up a reply for the Clerk, maintaining the justice of the claim, but informing Messrs Peake that the amount being smaller (16/8) than would be worth legal expenses the Company will not take action for its recovery.
['Laundry C^o' Water pipe] An application from the Stroud Laundry C^oy for permission to take water from the Canal at Ebley was considered, and leave was granted for a 1" pipe. upon payment of 20^s/- per annum subject to the usual conditions under which such privilege is enjoyed by other parties.
[Strachan & C^o 2/6 'Easement'] Messrs Strachan & C^o having opened a gateway upon the towing path, at Lodgemore, from one of their Cottages, the Clerk was instructed to inform them that 2/6 per annum would be payable to the Company for the easement (s they pay in other similar cases) for the use of _foot_ passengers only (not cyclists).
[Survey] The 'Annual Survey' of the Canal was fixed for Tuesday, June 9^th, and the Vice-Chairman (Mr H H Mills) and Mr F A Little undertook the same.
The Clerk reported:
[1 GWR Old Rails] 1 A quotation by the Great Western Railway C^oy of 1/- per foot run for their 'old broad guage' rails (18 'ft) delivered at Chalford. The Clerk was instructed to order 6 or what less he might require, for service on the Company's property.
[2 Lift Jack Boring Machine] 2 The he needed a new _lifting-jack_ and a -wood boring machine_. These were sanctioned, at say 50^s/- and 30^s/- respectively.
[3 Gays Paint] 3 That the painting of two bridges with "Gays paint" (including labour - 2 coats) had cost £1..3..0.
[4 Canal Association] 4 Circular letter from the Canal Association with 'balance sheet'. R^t Honb^l Sir J E Dorington Bart had accepted the office of President. Mr Southall (Severn Commission) Chairman of Committee.
Cheques drawn: £ s d
Messrs Little & Whittingham: 2..19..0
William Wibby: 6..0..8
Philip Cooke (Glos Harbour Board): 6..0..0
John Currey (Canal Association): 3..3..0
Great Western Railway C^oy: 5..8..0
[Total] £23..10..8

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