Minutes Tue 17 Nov 1903

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Tue 17 Nov 1903


Protection of wing wall of Whitminster Aqueduct needed from eddies of stream due to heightened level of water on further side of aqueduct which resulted from construction of G&B Canal.
Rev F B Teesdale acknowledged letter ordered at last meeting.
Reply of General Manager of Sharpness Docks Co on detention of Reliance by loss of water through Junction in Bristol Road reach. Harbour Master did not let engineer know of intention to scour basin. No pumping done.
Sir W H Marling, Chairman of Sharpness Docks Co, suggested a conference of Mr Snape with Engineer of Docks Co re maintaining level.
Unclaimed dividends. Rev A H Stanton, Nov 1 1900, Mrs H Ruegg, Nov 1 1902, Miss J Hallewell, May 1 1903. New warrants to be issued.
Hilly Orchard Bridge would require renewal next year. Estimated cost £32 13s 9d.

Verbatim text

[November 1903] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 17^th day of November 1903 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr E P Little, Mr A B Hooper, Mr H Hamilton Mills, Mr P J Evans, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr W Davies, Mr W J Stanton
Mr Whittingham, Solicitor, in attendance.
[Whitminster Aqueduct] A Letter (Nov 16) from Messrs Haines & Sumner was read, acknowledging that of Oct 24 from the Clerk, as per minute of last meeting, and recognising that this Company had carried out the work to protect the wing walls of the Whitminster Aqueduct. The Clerk explained that the "Eddies" of the Stream, which Messrs Haines & Sumner referred to as the cause of the injury to its banks, are due to the heightened level of the water on the further side of the Aqueduct, which resulted on the construction of the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal.
[Letter Rev F B Teesdale] An acknowledgement from Rev F B Teesdale of the letter of the Clerk, as ordered at the last meeting of this Committee, was read, and the Chairman remarked that he also had heard from him in friendly terms - and he hoped now any legal liability had been disclaimed, to satisfy Mr Teesdale informally.
[Shallow Lock, Loss of water] The Chairman read the reply (OCt 28) of the General Manager of the Sharpness Docks Company, upon the representation made in accordance with the minutes of the last meeting of this Committee, on the subject of the detention of the 'Reliance' by the loss of water through the 'Junction', in the 'Bristol Road Reach' - as follows:-
"28^th Oct 1903. I find that, contrary to his instructions the Harbour Master did not let the Engineer know of his intention to scour the basin and consequently there was no pumping done here. I have given very strict instructions to the Harbour Master to carry out this part of his duties.
I regret very much that your Co have been inconvenienced and trust that you will have no further cause for complaint.
Yours truly,
(signed) Herbert Waddy
General Manager and Secretary
Mr W J Snape
Stroudwater Navigation C^o
Stroud, Glos.!
[Conference suggested Mr Snape & Engineers of the Sharpness Docks C^o] A conversation took place on the general question of this loss of water at the Junction, and Sir W H Marling (Chairman of the Sharpness Docks Company) suggested a conference of Mr Snape with the Engineers of the Sharpness Docks Company with a view of providing against it, in the spirit of the provisions of the Acts of Parliament bearing thereon.
[Dividends unclaimed] The Clerk reported that three Dividends reamaining unclaimed as follows:
1 Re A H Stanton, Nov 1 1900
2 Mrs H Ruegg, Nov 1 1902
3 Miss M J Hallewell, May 1 1903.
he had communicated with the parties, and their replies were submitted. It was decided to issue "duplicate" Warrants (so endorsed) on receipt of an indemnification against any claim through discovery of the originals.
[Hilly Orchard Bridge] The Clerk reported that 'Hilly Orchard' Bridge would require renewal next year, and submitted his plan for its improvement. He estimated the cost of the Iron Work at £32..13..9, which he was authorised to provide when necessary.

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