Minutes Tue 17 May 1904

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Tue 17 May 1904


Reply by Clerk to manager of Sharpness Docks Co respecting Whitminster Shallow Lock and Pound. Mr Waddy’s acknowledgement deemed satisfactory.
Mr Bassett to pay 1s per square yard for space at Stonehouse Wharf. Mr Snape to see him.
Subject to Company’s approval of a site, Committee ready to further Cainscross Parish Council’s proposal for bathing at Ebley. Rent 29s p.a.
Draft form of Agreement with National Telephone Co for laying wires under Wallbridge Wharf reviewed.
Committee could not alter rates of tonnage to Stanley Mill as suggested by Mr Hubert Field.

Verbatim text

[1904 May 17] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 17^th day of May 1904 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr A B Hooper, Mr F A Little, Mr P J Evans, Mr E P Little, Mr W Davies, Mr S S Marling
Mr F S Whittingham, Solicitor in attendance.
[Shallow Lock Whitminster] The Chairman read the reply addressed to the Clerk (April 25) to the Manager of the Sharpness Docks C^oy respecting the 'Shallow Lock', and Mr Waddy's acknowledgement thereof of the 5^th inst - which the Committee deemed satisfactory as follows:-
[Whitminster Lock & Pound] April 25^th 1904
Dear Sir
Whitminster Lock & Pound
In accordance with your letter of the 9^th inst, I brought before my Committee, at its meeting on Tuesday last the 19^th inst, the Resolution of your Board, which you forwarded me.
The understand that you have concluded, on Mr Keeling's advice, to raise the Whitminster Lock _six inches_ as being, in his opinion, sufficient to constitute it a 'working Lock', and also to raise the banks of the Canal in proportion, for that purpose.
They are still of opinion that, in the interests of the Sharpness Company itself, a greater raising of the Lock would have been preferable, _while the work is in hand_, as should it eventually be found at all insufficient to realize all the protection of the 'Bristol Road Reach' which the Act requires, and proposes to accomplish by more costly means, an addition afterwards would be less satisfactory to all concerned.
But this they leave to your Boards; discretion, remarking only that the statutory provisions for protection of the Stroudwater interests remain as hitherto.
Mr Committee, in the same friendly spirit that has governed this matter throughout, is willing to adopt your Boards' suggestion, that when the work has been completed to our satisfaction, the care and repair of the banks you are this raising, shall be the responsibility of my Company.
I am Dear Sir
Yours faithfully
W J Snape
{Whitminster Lock & Pound] General Managers & Secretarys Office
5^th May 1904
Dear Sir,
Whitminster Lock & Pound
I had your letter of the 25^th April before my Directors yesterday and am instructed to thank the Stroudwater Navigation Committee for their kind consideration in the matter.
Mr Directors agree to the terms as laid down in your letter and have instructed Mr F A Jones to confer with you on the question of the work.
Yours truly
H Waddy
General Manager & Secretary.
[Mr Bassett agreed to pay 1^s/- for land at Stonehouse] The Clerk reported that Mr Bassett had agreed to pay 1^s/- per square yard, for such space as he might require at Stonehouse Wharf. It was left to Mr Snape to see him and arrange definitely how much and to the Solicitors to prepare a proper Agreement.
[Bathing in Canal at Stonehouse] It was mentioned that the Cainscross Parish Council has not yet found a satisfactory place for bathing at Ebley, but that, subject to this Company's approval of a site, the Committee would be ready to further the proposal, at a rent of 20^s/ pre annum.
[National Telephone C^oy Ltd Agreement re Wires under Wallbridge Wharf] The draft form of Agreement with the National Telephone Company for laying their wires under Wallbridge Wharf was submitted by the Solicitors, and referred again to them for some slight alterations, - to be sealed as soon as these should be agreed to by the National Telephone Company.
[Mr Hubert Field re Tonnage Charges to Stanley Mill] The Clerk was instructed to reply to Mr Hubert Field at Saul that the Committee could not alter the rates of tonnage, as he had suggested.
Cheque drawn:
Committee fees: £1..12..6

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