Minutes Tue 18 Oct 1904

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Tue 18 Oct 1904


Letter from Mr Waddy, secretary and manager of Sharpness Docks Co, suggesting division between companies of the cost of removing old trunks on bank of Frome at the Shallow Lock. Agreed.
Cost of renewing Lodgemore culvert, £46 11s 1d, withdrawn from Reserve Fund.
Chairman mentioned informality appearing to exist in books of Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Co. who hold Company’s Deposit Account in names of four trustees of £500 invested in 3½% Cape Stock. Account should stand in name of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation. Withdrawals to be signed by Chairman and Clerk.
Reviewed plan of Ryeford property adjoining towing path taken from tithe map. Sir W H Marling satisfied that right of way to his cottages indicated by dotted line. His tenants have no right to use towing path for bicycles or otherwise. Plan recorded in minutes.
Clerk’s letter to Mr Vick, Whitminster as to sheep washing and letter to Mr Southall of Severn Commission as to through tolls on Staffordshire coal read and approved.
Purchase of small quantity of broken stone for repair of roadways over crowns of bridges sanctioned.
Wharfinger at Dudbridge reported habitual use of towing path by Mr Stephens of Ebley, riding his bicycle. Warnings and notices unheeded. Clerk to write to Mr Stephens.
Sir William Marling mentioned work lately carried out by Mr Jones, Engineer of Sharpness Docks Co, at Shallow Lock. Mr Keeling, Consulting Engineer, had seen and approved it. As to adjustment of weirs and raising of banks and towpath in Bristol Road pound, Mr Jones and Mr Snape had decided to suspend final completion of work until the winter’s experiences demonstrated how much was necessary.

Verbatim text

[1904 Oct.] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 18^th day of October 1904 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr W Davies, Mr F A Little, Mr A B Hooper, Mr E P Little, Mr H Hamilton Mills, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr J S Whittingham Solicitor in attendance.
The various Accounts, Books, and Vouchers, signed by the Auditor and certified to be correct were produced and passed.
[Treasurers Book] The Treasurers Book was examined and signed by the Chairman.
[Old Trunks Shallow Lock] The Chairman read a letter from Mr Waddy, Secretary and Manager of the Sharpness Docks, suggesting a division between the Companies of the cost (£7:4:6) of removing the old trunks in the bank of the 'Frome' at the Shallow Lock, and this was agreed to.
[Lodgemore Culvert] The Clerk reported the full amount of the cost of renewing the Lodgemore Culvert, as £46:11:1 and that in accordance with the minute of last meeting that sum had been withdrawn for the purpose from the 'Reserve Fund'
['Deposit A/c' (Reserve Fund)] The Chairman mentioned an informality which appeared to exist in the books of the Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Company who had this Company's _Deposit_ A/c. standing in the names of the four Gentlemen who are Trustees of the _£500_, invested in 3½% _Cape Stock_. It was agreed to instruct the Safe Deposit Company that the _Deposit A/c_ stands, as shown by the 'Deposit Notes', in the name of "The proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation" and that in case of withdrawals, they will honour the signatures, either of the Chairman and Clerk (at present Mr C H Hooper and Mr W J Snape) or the Vice Chairman and Clerk (at present M. Hamilton Mills and Mr Snape).
[Bicycles on Towing Path Ryeford.] In accordance with the minute of last Meeting, the Clerk produced the annexed plan of the _Ryeford_ property adjoining the towing path taken from the Tithe Map and Sir W H Marling expressed himself satisfied that the proper right of way to his cottages there was indicted by the dotted line - so that his tenants have not the _right_ to use the towing path for bicycles or otherwise
[See map in Minute Book]
[Sheep washing] The Clerk's letter to Mr Vick, Whitminster, as to sheep washing (Sept. 23.04) was read and approved.
[Through Toll.] The Clerk's letter, (Oct. 11.04) to Mr Southall of the Severn Commission, as to through tolls on Staffordshire Coal, was read an approved, - Also Mr Southall's acknowledgement thereof.
[Broken stone] The Clerk reported the need of a small quantity of broken stone (about £2..10..0 value) for the repair of roadways over the crowns of bridges. This was sanctioned.
[Mr Stephens riding bicycle on Towing path] The Clerk stated that the Wharfinger at Dudbridge had reported the habitual use of the towing path by Mr Stephens of Ebley, riding his cycle, and that warnings and notices had been unheeded by him. The Clerk was directed to write Mr Stephens.
[Shallow Lock. suspend final completion of the work agreed on.] Sir W H Marling mentioned the work lately carried out by Mr Jones, the Engineer of the Sharpness Docks Company, at the Shallow Lock as agreed on with this Company, and said that Mr Keeling, their Consulting Engineer had seen and approved it. Mr Snape confirmed this, and said that as to the adjustment of the weirs and the raising of the banks and towpath of the Canal in the Bristol Road pound, M . Jones and he had decided to suspend the _final_ completion of the work agreed on, until the winter's experience had demonstrated how much was really necessary.
It was decided that Mr Snape should draft a letter to this effect, and send it to Mr Jones for his confirmation, such to be recorded on the minutes.

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